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Say You’ll Be Mine, The Ecuadors (1959) Chess Records A combo of Chess artists are featured in this one-off recording session. Not to be confused with another band of the same name who recorded for RCA Victor, The Ecuadors were Harvey Fuqua on lead vocal, Billy Davis & Etta James backing vocals. Session band was Chuck Berry with HIS classic Chess lineup that included Willie Dixon, Matt Guitar Murphy, Johnny Johnson and Fred Below.


Fill ‘er up.

Wanna fez?


Magnetic slimebot.

Self defense lesson.

Fundo de Quintal OFC.

Zoom in on Nightwatch.

Sometimes Behave So Strangely.

High-functioning autistic has built-in GPS.

Since we’ve had some visitors from The Republic of The Gambia lately,  here’s their National Anthem.

[Top image: Donkey Nanny.]

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Saturday Matinee – The Tielman Brothers, Undercover S.K.A. and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

They were the greatest early rock and roll band you never heard of.
The Tielman Brothers were of Indonesian/Dutch ancestry and made a name for themselves, first in East Indonesia, and later in the Netherlands. In 1958 they recorded Rock Little Baby of Mine, considered to be the first Dutch rock ‘n’ roll record

Undercover S.K.A., a third-wave band from San Francisco, began as a one-off gig for a backyard party in the 1990s. They lost band leader Bob Glynn in 2017.

Pure awesome.
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham “giving a free gig at Brewdog Shorditch; to win tickets you had to draw a picture of one of their songs,” 11 April 2012. Those are their parents filling in on bass and rhythm guitar. [Previously posted vids and info here.]

Have a great weekend and stuff. Here. Tomorrow. Be.

Saturday Matinee – ’65, ’66 & ’67

Folks, we had some odd computer problems today, so we had to throw this together at the last minute.

Hello Vancouver!

1965, Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet.

1966 Yardbirds.  That was the same year Dad bought a set of the World Book Encyclopedia. The cellophane inserts  showing frog anatomy were very cool.

1967, crappy sound, but it’s the Blues Magoos.

1967, and Stephen Stills was only 22 in this video.  I was into Big Daddy Roth and Mad Magazine.  Oh, man.  Seems like it was just February.

Otha Ellas Bates McDaniel (Bo Diddley) 1928-2008

If I’m not mistaken, his nickname came from the diddley bow, which consisted of a wire attached to the side of a barn and strung to a wood plank. To play it, you step on the plank to vary the wire tension while you bang out a rhythm on the wire with a stick, kinda like a washtub bass: “bomp-bomp-bomp–bompbomp.”

Video from the TNT Show 1966. Here’s to the Bo Diddley Beat.

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