The .Gif Friday Post No.256 – Dance Hard, Old Man Doodle & Ephemeral Barrio

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The middle one was my own experiment with MS Paint. Doodle, click, save, repeat x 86, then plug it into JASC and see what happens. Note that it was all done by right-hand mouse-clicks, even though I’m a southpaw. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I’m just entirely too bitchin’ for words.

Another Great Gift Idea

I love rural hand-painted highway signs that are spelled correctly and get right to the point, like this one. (Note that the pavement is blackened from all the cars screeching to a stop upon spotting this effective advertisement).

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Telephone Devolution 1967

Mail Call Letterpack – You get two players that play only the cartridges you can buy from Smith Corona and you can send a 3, 6 or 10 minutes letter. Just $70 a pair in 1967, these would be $450 in today’s dollars. How is this better than a phone? They say, it has no static and it’s cheaper!

Life, 1967

Make a 10 minute telephone call that will get to its destination in 4-5 business days, and in 4-5 business days you might get one back and can continue the conversation. Beats buying a reel-to-reel, and squelches telemarketers, too.

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Mid-1500’s Half Bath Chair

Okay. Let’s try to suss this one out.

There’s a throne with a hole, and a basin to catch the football that for some odd reason is located in front of the seat. There’s a megaphone to amplify the action, presumably to alert a nearby attendant that a goal has been scored. The attendant opens a small valve and dumps it on the floor. But then, um, it won’t, er, like, you know, it doesen’t, well, work and, uh, hmm. I give up.

Image Description: Subject: Chair with opening in the seat and a tub underneath with a spigot attached; for the purpose of producing steam baths to alleviate the pain of bladder stones.

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Saturday Matinee – Imelda May, Jimmy & The Rackets; Ron Levy & Ronnie Earl; J. Geils, Duke Robillard & Gerry Beaudoin

Imelda May is way cool. That’s her version of  Buddy Holly’s “Looking For Love” which was also covered by The Stray Cats. It was never covered by Andy Tielman as far as I know, but here on The Saturday Matinee, one vid and three links just don’t make the nut.

Yep. That’s Jimmy & The Rackets as if I had to tell you, but now I’m torn between two more vids to post. I’ll resolve the dilemma by posting them both, back-to-back, because each of them made me smile for different reasons. Have a great weekend folks, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.


The .Gif Friday Post No.255 – Quasicrystals as sums of waves in the plane

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[Update 2: Just realized that I made a typo several months ago, and The .Gif Friday Posts were mis-numbered by a factor of 100. The titles and permalinks are fixed now. Lo siento.]

Happy Thanksgiving

“When I was 5 years old, my mom always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

Quoted from here. It’s one of my favorites, especially on a modern-day rarity when family and friends get together to share their blessings and to reminisce about what was and what could have been, and then, to discuss what might be. Keep your children happy always, but never depend on someone else to teach them. –Bunk

1916 Hotness – Moriarty Playing Cards Cincinnati Ohio

Actresses featured in the Moriarty playing card series issued in 1916 by the Movie Souvenir Card Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The back of each card is a reproduction in multiple-colors of the painting “The Chariot Race.” The ad card within the pack proclaims: “Get a few packs of “Movies”–A Veritable Picture Gallery of the celebrities of the Movie World, treated with such a genius that it is the greatest novelty ever made in Souvenir Playing Cards, and is complete for playing all card games.”

I pick 3, 10 & Q diamonds, 8 & 10 clubs as if it matters. (5 hearts is an obvious slut. Don’t mess with her for more than one night.)

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