Alfred Hitchcock’s Storyboards

Storyboards are planning tools, cartoon sketches that depict critical or pertinent scenes in animation, movies (and even amusement park rides). It’s an easy editing process for something that has yet to be filmed, but you already knew that, ya? Have you seen any? Check out these thumbnails.

Jamaica Inn 1936
Jamaica Inn 1936.

Saboteur 1942

Saboteur 1942 2
Saboteur 1942.

Vertigo 1958
Vertigo 1958.

The Birds 1963
The Birds 1963.

Marnie 1964
Marnie 1964.

Family Plot 1976
Family Plot 1976.

Alfred Hitchcock used storyboards for all his movies, and there’s a nice collection here [via].

Chastity Suit?

Jane Daly 1929

Jaqueline Gadsden (aka Jane Daly) on the set of The Mysterious Island in 1929. Although it was a silent movie (one of the last), it was filmed in color (one of the first).

[Image found here.]

1916 Hotness – Moriarty Playing Cards Cincinnati Ohio

Actresses featured in the Moriarty playing card series issued in 1916 by the Movie Souvenir Card Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The back of each card is a reproduction in multiple-colors of the painting “The Chariot Race.” The ad card within the pack proclaims: “Get a few packs of “Movies”–A Veritable Picture Gallery of the celebrities of the Movie World, treated with such a genius that it is the greatest novelty ever made in Souvenir Playing Cards, and is complete for playing all card games.”

I pick 3, 10 & Q diamonds, 8 & 10 clubs as if it matters. (5 hearts is an obvious slut. Don’t mess with her for more than one night.)

[Found here.]

Saturday Matinee – The Best 9-1/2 Minutes of Awesome You’ve Ever Seen, The Schoolmaster, Aswad, & Satchmo

9:49 minutes of pure Bollywood Awesome.  [via]

Rowan Atkinson is Teh Schoolmaster. Pay attention, Nipple.

Aswad. Good riddims, brah.

Satchmo. Can’t top him for the end of a Saturday Matinee.  Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here tomorrow for more fun.

A Must See Holiday Movie

This has been sitting around for a while in our What To Do With Box, and although I’m sure I posted it elsewhere, it’s still in my list of top flicks to see.

It’s got everything you want in an action movie: a pretty oriental nurse with a threatening heart-stopping hypodermic needle, cows and albino goats,  snow and subtitles.  Once I find out where it’s showing, you’ll be the first to know.

[Found here.]


No explanation for this apparatus was found at the source, but it appears to be a dealie for some giant ape-goes-berserk movie of long ago. If anyone has more info, drop a line in the comments.

[Found here.]

[Update 14 April 2010– Peter found the source, a 1940 issue of Popular Mechanics. See the comments for the link.]



Oh, man… and it’s a salad fork, too.  $20 would be too cheap.
Anyone gotta download of this?

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