The .Gif Friday Post No. 791 – Jungle Boy, Dunk Diver & Downdraft Birds

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 606 – The Twerk Police, A Dumpster Dumper & A Chilla Gorilla

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 540 – Powering an Escalator, Gorilla Rinse Cycle & Cat Pursuit

[Found here, here and here. 2nd one came from this vid.]

I just realized that I’d mis-numbered some of our previous .Gif Friday Posts. The numbering errors and permalinks have been updated and we’re now over 1,600 .gif animations in the archive. Collect ’em all!. – Bunk

The .Gif Friday Post No. 526 – Kissapoo, TauntMeNot & Fish Dance

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The .Gif Friday Post No.522 – Dog Goes Galt, Belligerant Bullfrog & A Gorilla Grenade

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No explanation for this apparatus was found at the source, but it appears to be a dealie for some giant ape-goes-berserk movie of long ago. If anyone has more info, drop a line in the comments.

[Found here.]

[Update 14 April 2010– Peter found the source, a 1940 issue of Popular Mechanics. See the comments for the link.]

Koko Understands Sarcasm, Cats, Politics

“Koko the gorilla is famous for mastering more than 1,000 signs based on American Sign Language, which she uses to communicate with Stanford researchers.

“That’s not all she’s learned from humans. One day her attendants discovered that a steel sink in her enclosure had been torn from its moorings. When they confronted her, she pointed to her pet kitten.

“‘Cat did it’, she signed.”

Strutts News Services was granted an exclusive interview with Koko, and asked the following questions, in ASL:

SNS:  ?Koko like vote who
Koko: ?koko like
SNS: ?Koko like who vote
Koko: koko. koko. koko.
SNS: ?Vote Koko
Koko: congress vote koko.
SNS:  Fat chance, koko.
Koko: Bite me elect koko 2 elect koko 56 vote koko 12330o-84jmsvpow Koko last word heh loser

[Image from here, story from here.]

The Hills Have Eyes


Satellite photograph of the San Diego Zoo in April of 2006 with a 23,000x zoom lens. Amazing detail.

No, wait… that’s a photo of Jesse, my friend at the Philip Carey Plant, who showed me how to throw-and-stack 160 lb. barrels of asphalt steep into a truck when I was a tall scrawny 140 lb. teenager, and he was mad because of what the foreman did, and…

Hold on… Okay, I remember now. That’s me when the doorbell rang at 7:01AM one Sunday morning three years ago and the guys in the black suits asked me if I’d been “saved” yet, and…

It’s really a photo from an electron microscope of a typical dust mite that lives in bed sheets and pillows, and eats dead flakes of skin and…

Goodnight, kids.

[Image from Arbroath.]

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