The Hills Have Eyes


Satellite photograph of the San Diego Zoo in April of 2006 with a 23,000x zoom lens. Amazing detail.

No, wait… that’s a photo of Jesse, my friend at the Philip Carey Plant, who showed me how to throw-and-stack 160 lb. barrels of asphalt steep into a truck when I was a tall scrawny 140 lb. teenager, and he was mad because of what the foreman did, and…

Hold on… Okay, I remember now. That’s me when the doorbell rang at 7:01AM one Sunday morning three years ago and the guys in the black suits asked me if I’d been “saved” yet, and…

It’s really a photo from an electron microscope of a typical dust mite that lives in bed sheets and pillows, and eats dead flakes of skin and…

Goodnight, kids.

[Image from Arbroath.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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