NYC Newsstands 2016

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Aboulomaniacal Hot Links

The Last Meal, Hurricane Harry (1956) A singer, pianist and songwriter, Hurricane Harry (aka Earl Burrows, Early S. Burrows, George Stone ,T.T. Tyler, and stage name Jack Hammer) was born Earl Solomon Burroughs (1925-2016). He co-wrote Great Balls of Fire.


Robotic grippers.

We may finally know.

Boats powered by soap.

Dear Never Trumpers. 😀

The earbone’s connected to the

Pittburgh bridge collapse photos.
Collapse was imminent in DECEMBER 2018.

Bioaerosol generation by raindrops on soil.

Cool interactive art in the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.
[h/t Mme. Jujujive]

[Top image: Altered detail of Small Cow House, Jeff Shelton Architect, 2005.]

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Saturday Matinee – Elysian Fields, Bombskare, Steve Karla / Leo Johnson & Mike Zito

Very nice animation of Elysian FieldsAlms For Your Love. (Ignore the “You Can’t Watch It From This Link” garbage. Just click it.)

Bombskare did some a capella whoopin’ on Rory McLeod‘s Love Like A Rock.

Steve Karla & Leo Johnson (of SpaceHeaters) go street busking Django style.

Long intro, but song starts at about 0:2:10. Mike Zito from August 2018.

Looks like some of you are in for some global cooling this weekend. If your house seems chilly, just step outside for five minutes and come back in – it’ll warm the house up good. Hunker down, and we’ll thaw out something fun for tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 714 – Drop N’ Drown, Fire Llamas & A Flaming Wheelie

[Found herehere, and somewhere on Pinterest.]

Sao Paolo Political Pantsing 2016

Sao Paolo, Brazil,  2016.

Story in Portuguese here. Google Translate here.

000cc Hasbrocycle

Electric MIMIC e-bike design by Russian designer Roman Dolzhenko.
Nope nope nope nope and f’n nope.


[Found here.]

Imparidigital Hot Links

Big Ugly Wheels, The Beat Farmers (1990)From their album Loud, Plowed and Live, The Beat Farmers (featuring Country Dick Montana) were a great bar band from San Diego. Dan McLain (aka Country Dick) died onstage of a heart attack in 1995 at the age of 40.

Photo composition.

Falling on the moon.

The danger of jaywalking.

Hospice Nurse Julie on death.

The Greatest Chef of the Inland Swamps.

15 fake truths & true fakes. [h/t Eaglesoars]

Hidden Netflix search codes. [also h/t Eaglesoars]

Jellyfish & the Portuguese Man ‘O War [via Bunkerville]

Young, pine-cone-rich squirrels are children of privilege.

[Top image: 1954-55 Ford Chickens found here.]

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Saturday Matinee – The End, The Brothers Comatose w/ AJ Lee, Justin Johnson & Kingfish Ingram

In 2020, the world stood still… in the movies too.
The End is an experimental narrative short film, in black & white and color, made only with movies gifs with a perfect loop, more than 500.

The End is also a tribute to the cinema, from silent films to now.

Music by Enrico Morricone. [h/t Mme. Jujujive]

The Brothers Comatose with AJ Lee covers Neil Young – and do it better.

Justin Johnson‘s style mashup works.

23 year old Kingfish Ingram has already recorded and/or performed with Rick Derringer, Samantha Fish, Eric Gales, Guitar Shorty, Buddy Guy, Bob Margolin, Keb Mo, Mr. Sipp and the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Amazing.

Whoa. It’s the weekend already. Lotta time flies these days and we’ll see you tomorrow sooner than you think.

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