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Brazil, Geoff & Maria Muldaur (1970) In 1939, Ary Barroso was stuck in his house during a rainstorm, so he wrote Aquarela do Brasil.  Three decades later, multi-talented musician Geoff Muldaur and his wife Maria (nee D’Amato) recorded it as Brazil. In 1985, Terry Gilliam adopted the song for his cinematic vision of a retro-future dystopia, and now it’s immediately recognizable as the Theme to Brazil.

Live Bat cams.

Alpine football [via].

Charming the worms.

Pre-WWII smoke screen.
[h/t Bunkerville]

Mr. Hitler, Leadbelly (1942).

Rocket cats from the 16th century.
[via Mme. Jujujive]

It’s legal in Brazil to kill motorcycle thieves.

I have turned into Moira Rose, Queen of the Crows.

[Top image:  László Löwenstein, aka Peter Lorre, in promo for movie Crime and Punishment, 1935.

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Sao Paolo Political Pantsing 2016

Sao Paolo, Brazil,  2016.

Story in Portuguese here. Google Translate here.

This Fire Escape Goes To 11+

Yeah, that’s really a fire escape for the Edifício Copan, an apartment building in Sao Paolo Brazil. With 1,160 apartments and over 2,000 residents, the Brazilian postal service assigned the building its own postal code. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, construction took 14 years to complete (1952-1966).

There are about 100 employees in the maintenance department, and I pity the poor sap that has to sweep the stairs every day.

I want to go to the top and release 1,001 little rubber balls.

[Image found here. Related posts here and here.]

Saturday Matinee – Brazil, The Olympics, Jackie Phelps & Jimmy Riddle, and Tuba Skinny

I was looking for a live performance of “Brazil” (perhaps by Xavier Cugat) to commemorate the Competitions of the Grecian Gods, but instead we must settle for The Theme Song to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil as performed by Geoffrey Muldaur. He was famous for marrying Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D’Amato who recorded some popular songs in 1973 about putting camels to bed, and another one about feeling her leg.

There’s no live performance for that one, so I looked for some more Olympics-themed stuff.

The Olympics sound a lot like another Lieber & Stoller product to me, but so what.

Yep. There be the Olympians of Eefin’ and Hambone, Jimmy Riddle & Jackie Phelps.

Let’s go back to Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D’Amato (aka Maria Muldaur) and the leg feeling stuff. What a sultry voice.

This version by Tuba Skinny is a bit closer to Blue Lu Barker’s 1946 original.

Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff that’s too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

Opinionated Hot Links

Brazil 2016

Epic Cat is still epic.

84 year old shows his stuff at Muscle Beach.

Weaponized Victimhood: “This is not a grand battle against institutionalised injustice. This is an addiction to indignation.”

The MiniMoog made music history. Here are Parts 1 & 2 of an interesting (but flat) documentary.

Remember Walter Carlos? He flipped the switch years ago, and nobody cared. Why does anyone care about that Bruce guy?

The Ramones 31 December1977 London. Very cool, but they didn’t play Sheena.

Canadian cities in the 1950s in watercolor.

Cussing in the carnival photobooth.

Incarcerated for his opinions in the United States of America, Dinesh D’Souza has a new film out.

FWIW, The Blogmocracy had trouble migrating their blog. Their new address is so update your bookmarks.

[Top image from here, with the caption:
Already struggling with an impeachment challenge, the worst recession in a century and the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil’s history, the Workers Party leader was given another reason to doubt she will complete her four-year term.”
Something sounds familiar.]

Saturday Matinee – Sh-Boom, Monsters, Brazil, Take Five in 4 & Reggae Hit L.A.

The Chords‘ original A Capella  version of Sh-Boom.

Nice collection of Ray Harryhausen‘s greatest hits.

If you’ve never seen Terry Gilliam‘s excellent movie Brazil this would be a good weekend to watch it. Twice.

There’s something very wrong with taking Dave Brubeck‘s classic “Take Five,” completely missing the musical pun involved (5/4 time) and turning it into a ska version (in 4/4). Aside from that blasphemy, it’s kinda fun.

Punk Funk Reggae Ska compilation, courtesy The Aggrolites. I like.

Have a great weekend folks, see you back here tomorrow for more fun.

Saturday Matinee – ZooBooks, Brazil + Brazil, Boop Meets Armstrong, Meatloaf & Thorogood

This edition of Saturday Matinee is sponsored in part by ZooBooks.
[Found here.]

Cool animation with a nice version of  “Brazil.” performed by The Real Tuesday Weld with Nick Phelps and Geert Chatrou.

Darkly bizarre, “Brazil” is one of my favorite anti-bureaucracy  movies. (Ever see Michael Palin as evil?)  This movie succeeded in large part to Terry Gilliam’s insistance that it not be edited; that cost him a lot of promotional backing, but it became a hit in its own right. “Half a dream and half a nightmare” sums it up pretty well.

Flashback to 1932 – Louis Armstrong, fresh out of King Oliver’s band, provides the soundtrack (and more) to a typically creepy yet benign Betty Boop cartoon, “I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You.” Maybe they’re in Brazil.

“…And Now I’m Praying For The End Of Time” is THE best punchline in the history of protopunkrock, courtesy of Mr. Loaf.

Let’s wrap this up with George Thorogood’s classic take on John Lee Hooker’s “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”  Kinda sums up my attitude these days, En out de do’ ah went.

Babe Magnet: The VW Basbo Flash

I honestly don’t know the story behind this amazing feat of engineering, but here it is.


Very cool.  The styling just screams high performance babe magnet.


Serious aerodynamics here.  This dragon wagon chills at close to the speed of light and it beats your ride even while parked.  Okay, it’s got an unfortunate license plate, but hey, the hotness overrides the WOBL1.  Let’s have a look at the interior.


IT’S A COCKPIT! Way cool.  But, um, where is the  silicone/saline siren supposed to sit?  Seems to be a slight design oversight, but admit it, you’re still cruising at 3,000 feet right?


Not quite.  Sometimes scale matters.  You are travelling at whelp speed in a truncated tadpole…


..only worse.  It’s a Mars Bar with wheels and an embarrassing license plate.


Screw it; it’s basic transportation.  Let’s mess with the traffic and laugh about it while feeling Green and saving the planet.  (Sorry, there’s no room for you. Get your own tadpole, mooch.)

So is it a Babe Magnet or not?  Phhht.  For the money, I’d buy a Harley and a rainsuit instead, and I’d still get better mileage than Mr. Tadpole.

BUT if  I were forced into driving a dorkmobile, and only upon penalty of death, I’d choose this, if only for the nostalgia:


Sam Lowry drove a Messerschmitt in BRAZIL.

[Top images via email from Dan S.  Don’t miss this excellent collection of Babe Magnets.]

Saturday Matinee: Reverse Graffiti

No vandalism here. Brazilian artist legally cleans grime for his images. The ending is a goddam shame.

[Video found at Neatorama.]

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