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Saturday Matinee – John Holeman & Dom Flemons, Tony Joe White, D.L. Menard & Kent Gonsoulin

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Hambone was an early precurser to diddley-bow and Rap. Here’s a demonstration featuring John Holeman & Dom Flemons found here. Related posts here.

BTW, that’s “Poke Salat,” not “Polk Salad,” and everyone who heard that song thought Tony Joe White was a black cajun guy.

That’s classic D. L. Menard. Might as well keep rolling with the theme.

Like this.

Have a great weekend, folks. See you back here tomorrow with more victimization and undeserved personal grievances. =D

Saturday Matinee – Brazil, The Olympics, Jackie Phelps & Jimmy Riddle, and Tuba Skinny

Saturday, 6 August 2016

I was looking for a live performance of “Brazil” (perhaps by Xavier Cugat) to commemorate the Competitions of the Grecian Gods, but instead we must settle for The Theme Song to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil as performed by Geoffrey Muldaur. He was famous for marrying Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D’Amato who recorded some popular songs in 1973 about putting camels to bed, and another one about feeling her leg.

There’s no live performance for that one, so I looked for some more Olympics-themed stuff.

The Olympics sound a lot like another Lieber & Stoller product to me, but so what.

Yep. There be the Olympians of Eefin’ and Hambone, Jimmy Riddle & Jackie Phelps.

Let’s go back to Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D’Amato (aka Maria Muldaur) and the leg feeling stuff. What a sultry voice.

This version by Tuba Skinny is a bit closer to Blue Lu Barker’s 1946 original.

Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff that’s too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

Saturday Matinee: Hambone, Jeff, Doc, Sonny & Terry

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Hambone is the traditional folk music consisting of rhythms produced by slapping oneself and making noises without singing.  It traces its history to the pre-civil war South, and was probably introduced by west african slaves.  Regardless of your musical tastes, Hambone is harder than it looks.  Try it yousef and you’ll see.

The Hambone Brothers showed up occasionally on the long running TV show, “HeeHaw.” The guy on the left was cool, but the guy on the right always creeped me out.

[Presurfer reminded me about ’em.  Honest.]

Jeff Holt does Hambone with the always amazing Doc Watson.

Holt and Watson doing “Soldier’s Joy” and “Ragtime Annie.”

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, with Pete Seeger on banjo.  Terry’s breath control and “whoopin'” on harmonica was directly related to Hambone, if you didn’t notice.  (Unless I’m mistaken, Sonny and Brownie also had a small cameo on the first Blues Brothers movie.)

And finally, a public service announcement from Plaxico Burress.

[Found here.]

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