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Saturday Matinee: Hambone, Jeff, Doc, Sonny & Terry

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Hambone is the traditional folk music consisting of rhythms produced by slapping oneself and making noises without singing.  It traces its history to the pre-civil war South, and was probably introduced by west african slaves.  Regardless of your musical tastes, Hambone is harder than it looks.  Try it yousef and you’ll see.

The Hambone Brothers showed up occasionally on the long running TV show, “HeeHaw.” The guy on the left was cool, but the guy on the right always creeped me out.

[Presurfer reminded me about ’em.  Honest.]

Jeff Holt does Hambone with the always amazing Doc Watson.

Holt and Watson doing “Soldier’s Joy” and “Ragtime Annie.”

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, with Pete Seeger on banjo.  Terry’s breath control and “whoopin'” on harmonica was directly related to Hambone, if you didn’t notice.  (Unless I’m mistaken, Sonny and Brownie also had a small cameo on the first Blues Brothers movie.)

And finally, a public service announcement from Plaxico Burress.

[Found here.]

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