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It records the hours of bright sunshine by burning a hole through a card.

The Campbell-Stokes Recorder (sometimes called a Stokes sphere) is a type of sunshine recorder. It was invented by John Francis Campbell in 1853 and modified in 1879 by Sir George Gabriel Stokes. The original design by Campbell consisted of a glass sphere set into a wooden bowl with the sun burning a trace on the bowl. Stokes’s refinement was to make the housing out of metal and to have a card holder set behind the sphere.

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Omoplatoscopical Hot Links

Weeki Wachee Mermaids present an all new show featuring “Alice’s” new adventures in the watery depths of the “Spring of Live Mermaids” located on Florida’s West Coast at the Junction of U.S. 19 and Florida 50.

They Wonder Who I Am, Lightnin’ Hopkins (1955) Samuel JohnLightninHopkins (1912-1982) was 8 when he was introduced to the blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson and was inspired to make a cigar box guitar. Jefferson later tutored him and reportedly never let another guitarist accompany him.

Instant Karma.


Invisible Magic.

360 degrees of a street.

How to hide from a bear.

Shooting pool on a rolling sea.
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His lawnmower wasn’t manly enough.

The story behind Todd Rundgren’s Hello It’s Me.
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The Arctic is having the coldest summer on record.

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Saturday Matinee – DoodleChaos, M. Shadows, Shadows Nepal & The Shadows

 “I’ve synchronized The Flight of the Valkyries (by Richard Wagner) to 8 Line Riders racing down the track for victory. Choose your team color and cross your fingers. All lines were drawn by hand.”  [Link found buried in here.]

M. Shadows screams about something for half a minute.

The Shadows Nepal, from Narayangadh, Chitwanrock, have been performing for over 20 years and have a large following, both in Nepal and around the world. Dharma appeared on their 2nd album, Hidne Manche Ladcha, released in 2006. More about them here.

The Shadows in a clip from the 1961 movie The Young Ones, complete with their typical choreography (and some overdubbed not-quite-Beatlesque screaming girls).

I can’t remember if I’ve got big plans for the weekend or not, but I know I’m supposed to do something. See you back here whenever.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 735 – Hedgehog Rex, Pump It Up & A Wreck Roll

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Nina Payne 1925

Dancer Nina Payne with a dance mask in the Nelson revue “Confetti”, Nelson Theater Berlin, 1925. Photos: Atelier Binder.

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Titubating Hot Links

Grunion Run, The Hollywood Persuaders (1963)Paul Buff was a Marine veteran who was making parts for guided missiles when he decided to go into the recording business. A multitalented musician and recording engineer, he needed a flip side for his band’s 45 of Tijuana Surf, so he contacted a 20 year old guitar player named Frank Zappa.





CGI tree fail.

Focus under the sand.

Just in time for summer.
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42 Butterflies of North America.

A small disruption in a magnetic field.

Rhapsody In Blue (1924) visualized [via].

Superimpose photo of your product here.

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