Michelin Man?

Michelin Man

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Nothing much happened today.

Aerating the Aquarium

How the U.S. Congress views it’s constituents,
How U.S. citizens view the U.S. Congress.

Take your pick.

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Saturday Matinee – Harley Trikes, Joey Smith & Jerry Jeff Walker

Harley-Davidson WTF courtesy of Jonco. Nice soundtrack.

Joey Smith won some kind of blues award without a backup band. I considered that cheating until I heard him shred the awesome.
(No Wiki page yet).

Jerry Jeff Walker can’t rhyme for crap, yet his songs are still awesome.

That does it for this edition of The Saturday Matinee.  Come back tomorrow for new oddities.

The .Gif Friday Post No.299 – Fall Season, Dog WIN & Speed Queen Color Spectrum

Fall Season

Dog Promotion

Speed Queen Spectrum

[Found here and here. The Speed Queen Color Spectrum is my own, images culled from here.]

The Day Gravity Changed


Except for rotating and cropping the image and enhancing the colors, that’s not a photo shop. The original image [below the break] is even more bizarre. Continue reading “The Day Gravity Changed”

Pink Cadillac Babe Magnet

Pink Cadillac

What’s in the trunk? Pure rock and roll.

Rock and Roll

Note that they’re not just grabbing necks and posing. They’re playing chords with awesome electric axes. If anyone knows who they are, lemme know and give us a iink. We’ll give you credit in an update.

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Saturday Matinee – Kaitlin Heller, Ike Willis with Sara Zimmerman & Johnny Winter

The viral Twerking Fail video, uncut. Jimmy Kimmel & stuntwoman Kaitlin Heller chumped the MSM.

Ike Willis‘s version of Zappa’s “Suicide Chump” with Sarah Zimmerman. Most of her stuff is acoustic, but she’s no slouch on electric slide guitar. The last line in the song is “All you can say as you run down the street is:” and Willis cuts it off. In Zappa’s version, it transmogrifies into “Jumbo Go Away.”

Let’s get back to the slide.

Johnny Winter‘s “Mean Town Blues” from 1970, and no, that’s not a cover – he wrote it. Awesome Texas boogie in the style of John Lee Hooker.

That’s it for this edition of The Saturday Matinee. Rock on.

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