“Oh! Look everyone!”

Rousseau_Hanuman 090830

“Rousseau’s gonna piss in the marinade glaze again!”

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TV Time

Tacky TV

Train to Utoob City, now boarding on Platform Click.

See for yourself why every year more people buy RCA Victor than any other TV.

Remember this, in B&W television, as in color, the symbols of leadership and dependablility are the names RCA and RCA Victor.

Mark 8 – 8 years home proved performance. The Fraser $495 optional with dealer. Manufacturer’s nationally advertised price. Slightly higher some areas west, south.

What’s My Line?

That’s My Color.

The most Trusted Name in Television.

THIS is what Television was invented for.

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Saturday Matinee – Do the Fly, Do the Freddie, Slip Away, but Stay Away from the Chick-a-Dilly

Chubby Checker‘s “Do the Fly” didn’t quite make the cut in  1963, but two years later we got this:

In 1965, “Do the Freddy” was Freddy & the Dreamers’ attempt to create a new dance craze. I’d never heard of it, so it must have been a West Coast/British Invasion thang, but F&theD’s actually DID manage to have an influence on later rockers, including the Ramones (watch DeeDee’s moves). Wait for classic dopiness at about 1:00.

Clarence Carter‘s “Slip Away” went to No.6 in 1968. From Billboard’s Top Pop Singles: “Born in 1936 in Montgomery, Alabama. Blind since age 1. Self-taught on guitar from age 11.”

And now for our Feature Length Presentation (courtesy of Hanuman) 1961’s “The Choppers.” Pay attention, parents. This could happen to YOUR KIDS, but they’ll never have such a cool soundtrack.

The .gif Friday Post No.94 – Trouble in WorpDress City: Reanimating Animations UPDATED

[See update below.]

Folks, many of us who use WordPress noticed recently that our posted .gif animations won’t animate once posted, even though the animations work in the “Edit Post” view, like this one:

Inkwell Clown_Graphics Interchange Format 090820

The .gif file above and the one I posted below are from the same file, but the one below runs.  The solution is easy… unless you have several hundred .gif animations already posted on your blog, like we do.  I hope WP fixes the glitch.  TechTalk continues below, after the break.

Inkwell Clown_Graphics Interchange Format 090820

Quick! Run and tell WordPress!

bull clunk_Threadbombing

Meanwhile, here are a couple of Buttheads.

NOBODY can play the jukebox like Brando.

TechTalk below: Continue reading “The .gif Friday Post No.94 – Trouble in WorpDress City: Reanimating Animations UPDATED”

Some Be Hatin’ on my Babe Magnet.

Bucks 'o Babe Magnet_ZanyPickle 090612

Wow. Somebody put a lot of thought and effort into magnetizing this 2006 Chevy Impotent while at the same time cleverly advertising his lack of graphic talent. So let’s break it down.

The windshield motto indicates that the owner of this beauty, Tyrone, has a prison record and we taxpayers certainly paid for his incarceration “All Day.”

It’s also intuitively obvious to the casual observer that he reads Playboy for the advertisements. The symbolism behind four pairs of red dice and the dollar signs suggests that Tyrone fancies himself a gambler, and he patronizes crimson casinos exclusively.

The front bumper indicates that at least two or more people hate him, and they’re all ex-girlfriends that he borrowed money from to recoup his lost wagers/wages.  I’ll bet it had something to do with his jail time.

The dashboard is carefully upholstered with a tailored moving blanket, and we can safely assume that the rest of the interior is similarly furnished. Pure efficient genius.

Then there’s the “Jesus” plate that makes it all seem better. Whatta ride.

[Found here. More babe magnetage here.]

sCrap. Another 10 Truths Meme.

honest-scrap_Soylent Green 090823

Although he blames others, I blame cbullitt for this. The meme requires the recipient (mwah) to post 10 True Facts about himself/herself (mwah also) and to nominate 10 more suckers. At this rate the entire blogosphere should be covered in a matter of days.  So here we go:

1.  The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night” was the first record I owned, and it was a 45rpm.  I liked the B-side better: “I Should’ve Known Better.”

2.   Once I played rhythm guitar for a LDS teen dance without knowing all the chord patterns for some of the songs, so I just turned my volume down to -1 and faked it.

3.  I understand trigonometry but not calculus.

4.  Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” is one of my favorite movies, as is “The Caine Mutiny” and “Cool Hand Luke.”

5.  I’ve read David Kahn’s “The Code Breakers” unabridged version and understood a lot of it.

6.  I played the part of “Action” in a high school production of West Side Story, and I was a catlike ball of fury.

7.  I was born with heterochromia, but I’ve never suffered because of it.

8.  I can use the word “polyisocyanurate” correctly in a spoken sentence without stuttering.

9.  My ancestry includes Scottish, Irish, English, German, Swedish and 1600’s Italian royalty.  In other words, European Mutt.

10.  In the mid-1980s I decided to see how much junk mail was generated from information request postcards from construction industry trade magazines. The result? A LOT.  The name I filled in that generated the most unrequested junk mail was…  Bunk Strutts.

Now for the hard part.  In no particular order:

1. Notoriously Conservative

2. Amy Oops

3. Finnicky Penguin

4. Planetross

5. Phil

6. Dan@Rockhoppers

7. Archie

8. The Literary Horse

9. Chiquiworld

10.  Hanuman

Remember to sign up cbullitt for Latvian porn spam if you’ve already been tagged.

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