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The .Gif Friday Post No.502 – 1st Day of School, Parkour Cat & Mountain Mishap

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The .GIF Friday Post No.460 – Sheep Dog, Bowzer Break & Doggie Duckies




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The .Gif Friday Post No.205 – Varney’s Troll Face, Happy Corgi, Penguin Rocks

[Found here and here, and the Ernest P. Worrell/Trollface morph is my own experiment.]

Mickey Possum has a good attitude.

Mickey Possum is omnivorous.  Mickey Possum eats snails and slugs and cat detritus.  Mickey Possum poops in your gutters.  Mickey Possum has no shame.  Mickey Possum has a sister named Sascha.  Mickey Possum laughs at you behind your back.  Mickey Possum has a good attitude.

Mickey Possum says, “Hi!”

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Happy Tanks

Honestly, I’d like to meet the people that painted these, just not all at once, and the first commenter who makes The Obvious Lame Pun can eat my shorts.

[Click on ’em for biggerosity. Found here via here via here.]

Oh Yeah! I’m Here! This is Where I Wanna Be!


Yeah! Play that song again! You know!  I LOVE IT! Yeah! 96 TEARS! Milk-Bones all around!

Dogs are so simple and awesome without even trying.

[Image from  AmyOops.]

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