The .Gif Friday Post No. 730 – Bath Belch, Wrap Trap & Paint Rolls

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UPDATE: The striped Rolls is the work of .gif artist INSA.

Bosnian Ghost Car

Helge Meyer was on a mission.

In the early 1990s, a former Danish special forces soldier felt a calling from God to go to Bosnia and provide humanitarian aid during the Bosnian War.

With the help of the US Army, he was able to fulfil that mission, driving through dangerous conditions to deliver relief to citizens of the war-torn country with only his Bible and a tricked-out [1979] Camaro – the Ghost Car.
War History Online

“And do you see that extra panel under the front of the car? Well, that’s not just a panel….it’s a mine-clearing blade. And if you take a closer look at the radiator grill, you’ll notice a cute yellow rubber duck.”

Links where I found the story are defunct / deleted for some reason. A search for Helge Meyer  and/or Bosnian Ghost Car produces many results.

The .GIF Friday Post No.460 – Sheep Dog, Bowzer Break & Doggie Duckies




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Halloween Demon Duckies


THIS is how you get 8 year old boys to take a bath.

[Images found here; related posts here and here. Oh, and also here.]

Rubber (Duckies) Soul


Neatorama is amazing. Their crack team of webminers found Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues recast as Rubber Duckies. Made me wanna take a warm bath with an 8-track player nearby belting out Sam and Dave’s Greatest Hits

Until I followed the Neatorama link and found this:


“Ah Pity Da Foo Who Don’t Lather, Rinse, Repeat!”

No way am I getting wet with Mr. T unless it’s raining. Other excellent Mr. T accouterments may be found here, here, and especially here.

Related Rubber Duckie report from the world-renowned Strutts News Services may be found here, and for you afficionados, more specific duck info here.

And Bunk just broke his own record for most links in a single post. G’head and click on ’em, but be back here in time for dessert, okay?

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