Saturday Matinee – THE Interview, Pro-Bubbles, The Blues Brothers & Junior Wells with Buddy Guy

I love this interview.

Melody Yang is a Professional Bubbler [via].

Yeah, The Blues Brothers gave it a good cover in 1979, but this one is better. Junior Wells with Buddy Guy at the 1974 Montreux Jazz Festival is nothing less than killer.

Here’s Junior Wells’ original version from 1960.

Have a great weekend, folks, see you back here tomorrow whether you like it or not.

Saturday Matinee -Slidin’ in Montreal, John Popper with Eric Clapton, The Blues Brothers, John Lee Hooker & Aretha Franklin

Self explanatory slippery wreckage with an appropriate soundtrack. (Here’s another version with a Canuck/Reggae/Punk soundtrack.)

Is it too early for a Christmas jam? Nah.

Yeah, I didn’t recognize Eric Clapton, but you can’t miss John Popper, and I can’t keep the image of John Belushi out of my head while listening to him.

Sorry about that, but I’ll make up for it. Lookee here:

Mitica scena del film “The Blues Brothers” in cui Jake e Elwood entrano nel ghetto per andare a reclutare Matt Guitar Murphy e Blue Lou Marini. Eccezionali le performance di John Lee Hooker (è proprio lui che canta il suo stesso pezzo Boom Boom Boom) e di Aretha Franklyn, che interpreta la moglie di Matt.

Vi auguriamo un grande fine della settimana, la gente. Ci vediamo di nuovo qui domani per più divertente.

The .Gif Friday Post No.379 – Jake & Elwood, “Got The Time, Little Buddy?” and a Big Drip

Jake and Elwood

Got The Time

Paint Drip

[Found here, here and here. I reversed and looped the 3rd one to give it a slow pulse.]

Saturday Matinee: Tammet, Clarke & Dawe, Bob & Ray, The Bobs, The Rays, The Silhouettes, and RAY CHARLES

Daniel Tammet is amazing.

Clarke and Dawe.  Full story can be found here.

Here’s Bob and Ray.  Google them for more classic straight faced funnies.

The Bobs’ A capellaness is only mildly annoying and somewhat entertaining.

The Rays, with “Silhouettes on the Shade.”

The Silhouettes’ “Get A [lipsinch] Job.”

The Late Great Ray Charles:  “Shake A Tail Feather!” from the movie “The Blues Brothers.” (Watch for Steve Cropper & Duck Dunn, with Matt “Guitar” Murphy.)

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Rubber (Duckies) Soul


Neatorama is amazing. Their crack team of webminers found Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues recast as Rubber Duckies. Made me wanna take a warm bath with an 8-track player nearby belting out Sam and Dave’s Greatest Hits

Until I followed the Neatorama link and found this:


“Ah Pity Da Foo Who Don’t Lather, Rinse, Repeat!”

No way am I getting wet with Mr. T unless it’s raining. Other excellent Mr. T accouterments may be found here, here, and especially here.

Related Rubber Duckie report from the world-renowned Strutts News Services may be found here, and for you afficionados, more specific duck info here.

And Bunk just broke his own record for most links in a single post. G’head and click on ’em, but be back here in time for dessert, okay?

Saturday Matinee Video: Rubber Biscuit

[UPDATE: Feast of Palmer has a link to a “Rubber Biscuit” post-cursor, Sherriff & the Ravel’s “Shombolar” of 1959. Surprisingly similar… or not.]

In 1956, The Chips recorded “Rubber Biscuit” on the Josie label. An original copy of this 45rpm gem should fetch $100 plus today.

Then came The Blues Brothers. Dan Akroyd, aka “Elwood Blues,” did a fine rendition, very close to the original Chips version. He kicks it at 2 minutes into the video. If you are already familiar with this icon of American popular music, here are the lyrics as the Chips did it; otherwise, come back up here and practice after the song has burned another small greenish brown spot in the section of your brain labeled “Optional.”

The Chips: Nathaniel Epps, Charles “Kenrod” Johnson, Shedrick Lincoln, Samuel Strain Jr., Paul Fulton.

1956 Josie Records 803

Cow cow hoo-oo
Cow cow hoo-oo

Cow cow wanna dib-a-doo
Chick’n hon-a-chick-a-chick hole-a-hubba
Hell fried chuck-a-lucka wanna jubba
Hi-low ‘n-ay wanna dubba hubba
Day down sum wanna jigga-wah
Dell rown ay wanna lubba hubba
Mull an a mound chicka lubba hubba
Fay down ah wanna dip-a-zip-a-dip-a

Mm-mh, do that again!
Doo doo boooh

Cow cow lubba ‘n a-blubba lubba
Ow rown hibb’n ‘n a-hibba-lu
How low lubbin ‘n a-blubba-lubba
Hell ride ricky ticky hubba lubba
Dull ow de moun’ chicky hubba lubba
Wen down trucka lucka wanna do-uh
How low a zippin ‘n a-hubba-lu
Hell ride ricky ticky blubba-lu
Hell-o duh woody woody pecker pecker

Mm-mh, did you ever hear
of a wish sandwich?
Well that’s the kind of a sandwich
that is supposed to take
two pieces of bread
and wish you had some meat
Doo doo boooh

Cow cow lubba ‘n a-blubba lubba
Hell ride hibbin’ and zippin ‘n
How luva mail take a-lubba hubba
Hey ride wanna tak’ a-recca recca
Ho’ low take a-lubba hubba
Hey ride wanna ‘n suppa suppa
Ho’ low a mail take a-lubba hubba
Hey ride a hippin’ and a-hubbin’ no
Hi-low ‘n sum a-chicka whaa

The other day,
I ate a ricochet biscuit.
Well that’s the kind of biscuit that’s supposed to
bounce off the wall
back in your mouth.
If it don’t bounce back

– shh-mmhh-mmhh

You go hungry!
Doo doo boooh

Cow cow lubba ‘n a-blubba lubba
Hell low a sum did a-lubba goin’
Hey ride wan’ take a-lubba do
How long lon’ suppa dubba
How low a mail take a-lubba hubba
Hey ride wanna take a-lubba hubba
How low a mail take a-lubba hubba
Hey down nothin’ take a-luva do
Hey ride a sippin’ and a hubba dubba

mmmmmh, the other day
I ate a cool water sandwich
and a sunday-go-to-meeting bun.
Doo doo boooh

Cow cow lubba ‘n a-blubba lubba
Hell ride ricky ticky hubba lubba
How low a wann’ suppa do
Hey ride sippin’ and hubba lubba
Hell ride a-hubbin’ and wan’ do
Hey ride a wanna an’ recca recca
Ho’ low a mail take lubba hubba
Hey down a wann’ suppa dubba
Please ride a hubbin’ gonn’ do

What you want for nothin’
r-r-r-Rubber Biscuit!

Doo doo doo boooh
Cooow cooow oo-oooooouuuh

Review the lyrics and print ’em out so the whole family can sing along. Tough one-chord song to sing, and you won’t find the words anywhere else but here (unless you look hard elsewhere).

[Anyone who has an .mp3 file of the Chips’ original is invited to send a link, and we’ll post it and credit you here. –Bunk]


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