Wally & June

There is something inherently wrong with this picture besides the pre-Herman Munster helmet hairdo. Jerry Mathers and Hugh Beaumont are both missing, for one.

For two, the age difference between Barbara Billingsley and Tony Dow can’t be ignored, even though Ms. B is/was a young middleaged earringed pearl-necklaced high-protruding-cheekboned lookin’ babe. Or not. But there is no question that she had at least ten years of vixen experience on Dow, and had the largest pair of cheekbones on the set.

The “eew” factor kicks in right about now. Okay, stop it. Sorry I brought it up. For you trivia hounds, her TV name was June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver. His name was Wallace.

[Image scanned from the OCR, 29 April 2008, then dolled up a tad.]

Children’s Nightmares Illustrated

Some time ago I ran across a great collection of illustrations by professional illustrators of children’s illustrations of monsters, in a side-by-side format. I was unable to find the original source (possibly somewhere in DRB) for the images below, but here is a link to the site of one of the artists, Dave Devries, who certainly had something to do with the concept. He’s got a great collection of work and related stuff for sale, too.

Babe (I mean Bitch) Magnet

[Okay, we’re talking about Definition No. 1 in Webster ‘s Unabridged here. This post is about DOGS AND THEIR CARS.]

Opal, you hot little bitch! We’re off to the frisbee catchin’ competition, so quit yer yappin’ before I nip you in the hindquarters!”

Looks like Bowzer’s already caught one with his canine carriage of love. Gotta load of Cheese-N-Liver flavored MilkBones in the glove compartment, and a case of rawhide chews in the trunk, with Don Charles’ Singing Dogs, Howlin’ Wolf’s Greatest hits, and the full-length version of George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” for later in the CD Player queue lineup.

Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay.

[Image from here.]


If the statistics are correct, this post should generate some traffic, only because of the title. For those of you who typed in “LOL STAINED GLASS FERRET BABE BATMOBILE,” I sincerely apologize for the bait and switch. Actually, if you hunt around this site, you can find “LOL STAINED GLASS FERRET BABE BATMOBILE” links.

One of the fun things about hosting a website like this is that you get to view statistics. Here are seach engine terms with the number of folks who used them to find Tacky Raccoons, intentionally or otherwise. (Lookit, 29 people googled “heterochromia” and wound up here, and each one of them hoped that it had something to do with sex and colors.)

Here’s the list to date, and I hope they all found what they wanted.

Search Views
lol 4,700
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Saturday Matinee: “Beach Blanket Fishbone” starring Annette Funicello

Every Feature Presentation should be preceded by at least one movie trailer and a short animation. Here at TR we do things differently.

Just so you’re not disappointed with the Feature Presentation when the trailer and animation clips are so much better, here’s Annette grooving with Fishbone.

Requisite Movie Trailer clip… The Darwin Awards, coming to a DVD player near you.

Here’s a great animated short by Ivan Maximov: Provincial School.

And what the heck. Here’s a brief history of Ska. [Looks like a young Mick Jagger with Brian Jones in there after the “Flamingo” sign at 6:50.]

TGIF: The .GIF Friday Post 29 – Future News

Beijing, China (Strutts News Services)

Olympic athelete Jorge “El Pedo Blanco” Perez was (posthumously) awarded the Gold Medal, finishing first in the 30 Meter Men’s Flatulence Competition on Thursday.

While hovering near an open flame just past the finish line, Mr. Perez ignited, and launched himself from the arena leaving a bright trail of orange and green sparks. Mr. Perez has not been seen or heard from since, but his memory lives on as an inspiration to all those who follow in his footsteps.

In English, “El Pedo” roughly translates as “Hoverman.” Congratulations, Jorge, wherever you are.

[Related posts on SNTC, and here.]


Marysville, Antarctica (Strutts News Services) – United Nations Armed Forces, operating on classified intelligence, captured and detained about two dozen Al-Qaida operatives in New Basra, Antarctica, on Thursday.

United Nations Lance Corporal Lannie Foosers stated, “They were very skittish as we approached, and it was very unusual to find them in uniform. It was apparent that they were training for something big.”

Foosers reported that they surrendered noisily. “Sit down and shut yer fish holes!” he ordered. “I don’t wanna hear another peep out of you!”

In defiance, the detainees responded loudly and in unison, “PEEEEP!” and were immediately released upon their own recognizance. Thanks, UN!

[Image from somwhere deep in here, and yes, I realize that those are not UN Uniforms. All in fun. Tip ‘o the Tarboosh to osage who asked for more penguin pix.]

Abbey Roadkill

28 IF (or not).

Featuring “The Long and Winding Rowan.”

Beat the Meatles.

“For the Benefit of Mr. T, there will be a foo who see
dat we ain’t gonna take no mo’ dat jibba jabba
at Bishop’s Gate…”

“One Shlep Beyond…”

[.Gif from GrowABrain, others from here via AmyOops.]

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