Batmobile Babe Magnet


I bet Robin drove this. Dork.


Via: EatLiver.

[Update: More Babe Magnetism here.]


14 Responses to “Batmobile Babe Magnet”

  1. Neatorama » Blog Archive » Ghetto Batmobile Says:

    […] at Tacky Raccoons via Say No To Crack […]


  2. Says:

    Un batioche muy racional

    Creo que es el bati-coche (bati-movil en otras regiones) mas racional que he visto en mi vida


  3. Batmobile Babe Magnet « eDissonance Says:

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  4. Batmóvil en vivo « No puedo creer que lo hayan inventado… Says:

    […] luego, trabajado está y de lejos, a lo mejor hasta podría paracer de verdad el coche del superhéroe. […]


  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Folks, because they linked to Tacky Raccoons, I visited to see what people were saying about this photo. Here is one comment:

    “Este animalico esta muchas veces bajo de mi calle, ya que su dueño vive en Torrent(Valencia). Supongo que debe de ser un coche magnetico, porque si no no se entiende que parezca la puerta de una nevera de estudiantes…

    Un saludo.”

    I took that as a compliment.

    Then I went to www. to see if I could get a more accurate translation. This is the absurd translation that babelfish came up with:

    “This animalico this often under my street, since his owner lives in Torrent(Valencia). I suppose that it must of being a magnetico car, because if is not understood that it seems the door of a refrigerator of students… A greeting.”

    Conclusion: Babelfish is worthless.


  6. sarahenity Says:

    see bunk? the car is amazing.

    i guess i’m not the only girl who’d get in it.


  7. Bunk Says:

    Sara– Got it. I’ll start on the second batfin right away.


  8. ineedacar Says:

    i’ll buy it for 300 dollars


  9. Bunk Strutts Says:

    For you, $250. See me after the seminar.


  10. Cornel Says:

    in romanian, “babe” means old ladies


  11. Bunk Strutts Says:

    [snork] Baba Yaga Magnet, then?


  12. Alice Says:

    I would buy it for 600 (maybe more) if it runs well. That thing is a total babe magnet. (I’m a babe, I’d know)


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  14. Babe Magnet: The Batmoboil « Tacky Raccoons Says:

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