The .Gif Friday Post No. 581 – Alien Abduction, Johnny Flame-O & Batman Wusses Out

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The .GIF Friday Post No. 466 – Lil’ Walking Dead Zombie Dude, Apple IIe’s & Batlicks




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Look at this MF Batman

Oh, the possibilities. Were it not for Feldman‘s death in 1982, this movie would have been pure awesome, especially if Mel Brooks had anything to do with it.

Here’s some trivia: Feldman suffered from Grave’s disease, an auto-immune/thyroid condition that caused his eyes to bulge. But that’s not what killed him. He was in a hotel room in Mexico City during the making of the movie Yellowbeard. MAD cartoonist Sergio Aragonés, dressed as an armed policeman for an unrelated film, startled Feldman when he showed up to introduce himself. Feldman subsequently died of a heart attack.

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Brain-Bat Man Bitch-Slapped on Basic Grammar

Brain Bat_Hypnogoria 090802

“It’s ‘HAS slipped in,’ you moron! Not ‘HIS!’

What a great comeback.
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