The .GIF Friday Post No. 467 – Dance Hard, Superdog & Slow Reflexes




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Superman Suffers Stunning Setback

Superman Hits The Wall

(Strutts News Services) Metropolis

Clark Kent (aka Superman) found himself in a predicament last Thursday in the editing room of the Daily Planet. An unforseen bout of the trots compelled him to run faster than a speeding bullet from the offices of the esteemed publication to his Superprivvy on the outskirts of town to avoid damaging the sanitary facilities of the building. Approaching city limits at full-steam, Mr. Kent blasted into the kryptonite-based force field surrounding it. He survived the impact, but it reduced him to the physical stature of a 2-year old.

“I still have all my super powers,” chuckled Kent, “but for the next few years I guess I’ll have to tolerate being called “Supertoddler.”

Mr. Kent’s long time partner (and presumed mistress) Lois Lane refused to comment, instead directed reporters to call the “Happy Times Preschool” for updates.

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Superman & Lois Levitation

Superman is bamboozled by love.

(“Looky, Supe. Dump the cape and the SuperSocks, get some red and blue chinos. Respect yo’ sef.”  — Jimmy “Dyne-O-Mite” Olsen.)

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