Guam is in danger of tipping over.

I thought this was an April Fools Day hoax.  Unfortunately  it’s true.

Representative Hank Johnson, Democrat from Georgia, expressed his concerns to Admiral Robert Willard, who commands the Navy’s Pacific Fleet.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) is afraid that the U.S. Territory of Guam is going to “tip over and capsize” due to overpopulation.

Johnson expressed his worries during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on the defense budget Friday.

Addressing Adm. Robert Willard, who commands the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, Johnson made a tippy motion with his hands and said sternly, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

Folks, this kind of ignorance belongs in juvy hall remedial class, not in the U.S. Government.

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Sorry, it’s just not the same.

Uncle Fester Goes Green

(via Strutts News Services, Washington D.C.)

H.R. 4997 (ih), currently under review, proposes a requirement that all cinematic movie theaters replace standard xenon arc lamps with energy saving fluorescent bulbs or tubes and to retrofit the projectors with “kinetoscope” discs, rotated via electrical motors powered by photovoltaic cells, to allow frame-by-frame illumination. Films that previously employed the standard 24 frames per second shall be reduced to 8 to 16 frames per second in order to shorten the length of the illumination power requirements.

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The WaveMaster

This is God, or at least one of His Personas,  Creator and controller of all things, including waves.  Without Him, you couldn’t see, couldn’t hear. You couldn’t speak, and above all, you couldn’t surf. Without waves, life simply could not exist and you couldn’t purchase this either.

If waves didn’t exist, neither would weather. Wind creates oceanic waves, but wind is also created by atmospheric waves caused by solar particle waves. Suss that one out.

And you can thank God for brainwaves, at least most of us can.

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Gang Signs of the 1960s

Yep, that’s where it all started. The original Avenues Crips, flashing lower case A’s.  That’s the late Cuzz Tookie Williams on the right.

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I received an email this past week with a link to this image:

I forwarded it to a couple of friends who have websites, just for fun, and ALL of them posted it. Then I thought that I was being a bit hypocritical for not posting it here, on my own site, and I wondered why I hesitated.

The more I thought about it, the more it spooked me. The thought of posting it scared me.

I’ve been conditioned to avoid confrontation with ideologies that I don’t believe in, and to keep my political views to myself.  Why should a grown man, enjoying the freedoms of the greatest country on the face of the earth, be hesitant to post an opinion on his own blog?

Tacky Raccoons is not a political blog, nor is it intended to be.  There are many more knowledgeable folks than I who are entrenched in political commentary, and I have no business even trying to compete with them. On the other hand, I’m going to comment on political issues occasionally and freely without fear of repercussions.

If for some reason that image, or any other post offends you, let it go and wait for our next innocuous post. We’ll still be here with your daily dose of inane funnies and links, regardless of your political affiliation.



Saturday Matinee – The Manfred Mann, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin & Sonny Boy Williamson Connection

Manfred Mann sings Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman.”

Bob Dylan sings Memphis Minnie‘s & Kansas Joe McCoy‘s “When The Levee Breaks,” but for now,  let’s say it’s a Led Zeppelin cover.

Led Zeppelin rips off  Sonny Boy Williamson‘s “Bring It On Home,” at least for a minute or so and for a bit at the end.

“Nine Below Zero” by Sonny Boy Williamson with Otis Spann, and they didn’t rip off anyone.

Have a great weekend folks.


This is clever, awesome and offensive at the same time. I bet the pilot gets a lot of visitors, as required by international maritime law.  On the other hand the guy wastes a lot of time distracting harbor patrol and the coast guard from serious rescues.

But after all, he’s got a slip, and I don’t.

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A Must for Every Household

According to this website, it’s a “Falcon Ergo Grip with the little gapper item,” and it’s only $30! Whatta deal! I’m gonna order “the little gapper item” first, just to make sure I like it and that it fits. You’ll be the first to know.

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