Abhorrence and Misplaced Animosity

Don’t worry. Tacky Raccoons is not going to morph into a political blog, yet we’re not going to completely ignore current events either. If common sense offends you, you won’t like what we’ve posted below the break, and you can click on the image and listen to Peter Tosh instead. Continue reading “Abhorrence and Misplaced Animosity”

Saturday Matinee – A Personal Protest, Miniatur Wunderland, Girl In A Coma, Bill Deal & The Rhondels

For years Tacky Raccoons has posted a small collection of Utoobage videos every weekend just for fun, entitled “The Saturday Matinee.” The videos posted are those that amuse us, and often include oddities and obscure musical relics from the past. Innocuous stuff, for sure.

We like to post ahead of time, so we linked and gave hoops to the delightful and fetching Miss Cellanea for this and this, thinking that the vids she turned up would be entertaining for folks of all ages, good manners and proper posture, i.e., those who peruse Tacky Raccoons. However, if you click on the links to those videos, you’ll see something like this:

Here are the screencaps of two vids we intended to post that have since been squelched by the Great Squelchers of the YouTube:

If anyone reading this blog is offended by the destruction of washing machines or the herding habits of sheep, DO NOT CLICK HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, or especially HERE, and DO NOT enjoy the videos posted below the double-line of death.

Yeah, so I went all caps. The YouTubers are out of line on this and they can bite me. Pass it on.

Update: Miss C has the story and forwarded new links.

Oh wow, I had no idea those were pulled! Luckily, I found replacements. Thanks for the heads up!

The guy who originally did the washing machine video was pissed that someone who copied him went viral, so that’s why that one was pulled. When I heard about it, I replaced the video at Neatorama, but neglected to update the one at Miss Cellania. The original video is here. http://youtu.be/6_PLnInsh7E

Now the sheep one is completely confuzzling. Harmful activities? That phrase isn’t even on the YouTube community guidelines page! But it’s probably a case of someone (or some group) flagging the particular copy that went viral. There are plenty of other copies. Like this one. http://youtu.be/pysET6UvN60

Official 2012 video [via]. It’s MUCH more intricate than what was shown in the  original advert. Pure awesome.

Girl In A Coma plays GoGos plays Ramones plays Ritchie Valens.

Bill Deal &The Rhondels. R&B rock steady and clogging makes for a great ending to the Saturday Matinee. Have a great weekend, see you here tomorrow.

Draw Mohammed Day – 20 May 2010

Don’t know what this is all about? Hint: 1st Amendment, foreign-imposed censorship and imposition of world-wide sharia law. Click here and follow the links. Related googlesearch here. We cannot and should not kowtow to radicals of ANY nation or religion PERIOD. –Bunk

UPDATE 3 October 2021: Swedish artist who survived two murder attempts after drawing a cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed has died in a horror car crash. Lars Vilks, 75, was killed Sunday when the police car he was traveling in veered onto the wrong side of the road and collided with a truck. [LINK]

Submissions Requested!

Don’t know what this is all about? Click here and follow the links. Send us your original submissions in .jpg format and we’ll post ’em, anonymously if you wish. Keep it clean and funny as if Jesus himself were to judge your work of art.


I received an email this past week with a link to this image:

I forwarded it to a couple of friends who have websites, just for fun, and ALL of them posted it. Then I thought that I was being a bit hypocritical for not posting it here, on my own site, and I wondered why I hesitated.

The more I thought about it, the more it spooked me. The thought of posting it scared me.

I’ve been conditioned to avoid confrontation with ideologies that I don’t believe in, and to keep my political views to myself.  Why should a grown man, enjoying the freedoms of the greatest country on the face of the earth, be hesitant to post an opinion on his own blog?

Tacky Raccoons is not a political blog, nor is it intended to be.  There are many more knowledgeable folks than I who are entrenched in political commentary, and I have no business even trying to compete with them. On the other hand, I’m going to comment on political issues occasionally and freely without fear of repercussions.

If for some reason that image, or any other post offends you, let it go and wait for our next innocuous post. We’ll still be here with your daily dose of inane funnies and links, regardless of your political affiliation.



Saturday Matinee – Watercolor, Muffin Machines, Building Roll w/ Tosh & Stones

Full screen is cool.  [Found here.]

[Found here.]

Comment found on the Utoobage:

Wooow! It takes a certain level of 3rd world engineering to pull off a demo that is usually only possible in CARTOON PHYSICS!

[Found here.]

Classic version of Chuck Berry’s classic.

Classic verison of Bob Marley’s classic.
Yawkin’ Foo some people summertime…

The First Amendment Was Added to the U.S. Constitution for a Reason.

Get Up Stand Up 2

And because of the First Amendment, there was a Second Amendment.  The purpose of the Second Amendment was to enforce the First.

When Union thugs are hired and encouraged to squelch the speech of those individual citizens who oppose the rapid enactment of socialist policies in this Country, and the mainstream media is complicit with and encourages  attacks on the basic right of Freedom of Speech, I get pissed.  I can’t wait for November 2010.  (Click the image for a bonus.)

[Tip o’ the Tarboosh to cbullitt for the Angry Mob blank.]

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