Now about those bacteria/virus-laden spit valves…

What’s more inane than that? Masks for pictures of people on freeway billboards.

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Roll On.

“The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.” – Frank Zappa

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Meanwhile, Cal-OSHA thinks that accessing a clogged roof drain with a 10-inch parapet and a scissor lift is too dangerous.

It’s true. The C students run the world.

Makes me wanna puke.

So why have I been suspended from Twitter for doing nothing?

If you haven’t noticed by now, Jack Dorsey is an asshole, and my Twitter account that I don’t use has been magically reinstated.

Update: Here’s the notification:

Screenshot_2018-08-15 https twitter com
“Okay. It’s 1-800-Eat-Shit.”

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Update II: I was sent to #TwitterGulag (several times) for supposedly breaking one or more of their vague rules, I and many others are now vulnerable.

Twitter has begun banning a large number of accounts from the website, specifically focusing on accounts that have previously been banned or have received suspensions.

Yesterday a number of Twitter users reported that their accounts were beginning to lose followers at a rapid pace. The banning seemed to apply to a multitude of accounts with little explanation as to why they were being suspended. Users took to the hashtag #TwitterPurge to voice their concerns over the issue.

Even Kenya Goes Green on Earth Day

Kenya Goes Green

[Found here. This was originally intended to be posted on “Earth Day” but our internest access was on the fritz.]

I hate this “Earth Day” garbage. Nature has been trying to kill us off for millennia and has never back-pedaled the threat. Not once. And not once has the Earth given us the common courtesy to thank us for ignoring that undeniable fact.

So in response to “Earth Day,” we turned on all our lights, cranked up the furnace, cranked down the air conditioning, turned on the humidifier and dehumidifier at the same time, and left the refrigerator door open. I plugged in the electric weed-whacker, taped the trigger, watched it dance around the back yard and dig a trench into a fresh gopher run. Judging from the color of the dirt, it actually caught one of the little furry bastards.

We washed our socks one at a time in the Kenmore with the load setting on “full.” We flushed twice to make sure a silverfish was gone forever, and we made sure that the lawn sprinklers watered the sidewalk properly.

We also burned a lot of fossil fuel by taking numerous unnecessary trips to our next-door neighbors’ house for inane chit-chat and let the car idle in their driveway for hours until the Sears DieHard was simply glowing with happy amused electricity. We even left the TV on all night and turned the TiVo on to watch it for us.

And Gaia snickered.

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What the Teachers’ Union Looks Like From The Front.

Public School

[Image found here. Oh, and check out this vapid nonsense.]

Abhorrence and Misplaced Animosity

Don’t worry. Tacky Raccoons is not going to morph into a political blog, yet we’re not going to completely ignore current events either. If common sense offends you, you won’t like what we’ve posted below the break, and you can click on the image and listen to Peter Tosh instead. Continue reading “Abhorrence and Misplaced Animosity”

Bucket Heads


[Image via; 1st interview via Weasel Zippers, 2nd via lgfretro. ]
Apparently, some of the “Occupy X” morons believe all U.S. Citizens who earn more than minimum wage deserve this.

My favorite brain-dead brilliance so far is this awesome interview, with this being a close second.

[P.S. Kudos to Urban Infidel for her photojournalistic ventures into the dark underbelly of OWS, and for her interview on Roger Hedgecock’s show on AM600KOGO. If anyone still thinks there’s cherry-picking going on, Zombie’s got more.]

[13 Oct 11 – Updated post with new links.]


Lessee. A quick review of the photo tells me that these aren’t physics students, and that there is likely beer involved. At least four people thought that this was a good idea, and there’s a fifth one in the background egging them on who looks just like this.

[Found here.]

Merry Christmas, America. Hope you like crap.

Thanks. Thanks a lot, you gutless clueless corrupt morons.

From CNN at 11:40PM:

Washington (CNN) — Senate Democrats braved the aftermath of a blizzard Sunday to continue their push to pass a sweeping health care bill before Christmas.

Right. They were standing in the snow, shivering, while the Republicans kept the doors shut. Phew.

[Update 9:06PM: LIVE FEED HERE.]

[Update 10:24PM: 60-40. Wimps. Thank you, too, Mr. Lieberman.]

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