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“Mom updated her Last Will & Testament and we’re back in. Let’s take take her to the beach.”

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


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Remember OccuFlage? Nope. Neither Do I.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Nice haircut. Almost covers up the lobotomy scar.

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The original 25 images came from a google search for “butthead,” which is my honest opinion of the OccuPoopage. What a waste of, um, you know, ah, nevermind.

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Merry Christmas, America. Hope you like crap.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Thanks. Thanks a lot, you gutless clueless corrupt morons.

From CNN at 11:40PM:

Washington (CNN) — Senate Democrats braved the aftermath of a blizzard Sunday to continue their push to pass a sweeping health care bill before Christmas.

Right. They were standing in the snow, shivering, while the Republicans kept the doors shut. Phew.

[Update 9:06PM: LIVE FEED HERE.]

[Update 10:24PM: 60-40. Wimps. Thank you, too, Mr. Lieberman.]

Pay No Attention: Redux

Sunday, 19 July 2009


On 27 May 2009, Tacky Raccoons offered a creative challenge that apparently stumped all of our readers, except for one.  That challenge was met by  a man of good honor, obsequious habits, and great initiative.  Above is the original image from here.  Below is the excellent modified and annotated image from VE:


Of course, I gotta add my own snarky takes as well, below the break.


28 MARCH 8:30PM – PARTY LIKE IT’S 2009

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth HourLet’s celebrate!

At 8:30PM tonight, make sure you turn all your lights on, power up your TVs and stereos, and celebrate the Technological Achievements of Humanity.  Get in your cars and drive somewhere, just for the sake of it, and just for fun.  Raise and lower your garage doors, and run your washing machines.  Run the dryer without anything in it.  Got a power mower? Crank it up.  Heat up your cat’s food  in the microwave.  Take your dog out to Burger King.  Make as many long distance telephone calls as you can.  Run your dishwasher with half of the normal load, and run the other half separately.  Open up your refrigerator door, and look without removing anything to eat.  Do it again.  Download updates for all your computer programs and email them to all your friends.


“But why should I do that?” you ask.  I’ll tell you.

We’re fighting Global Cooling.  Mostly we’re fighting Global Idiocy, but let’s call it Global Cooling for now.  The feel-good crowd will never know the difference anyway.

Those folks who think that turning their electricity off for an hour will “save the planet” (or “send a message” to someone or something) are the same folks who stood outside their homes a couple of years ago with candle wax dripping over their fingers, believing that the space shuttle was gonna zoom by and take a photo of the earth lit up with peace candles.  My message is:


Bonus Video: The Big Hole

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Some time ago, Aussie Phil requested more funny videos.  I didn’t mean to ignore him, I just didn’t find much to laugh about after the U.S.S.A. U.S. Senate legalized Grand Theft approved taxpayer extortion the largest redistribution of wealth in the history of  this great country the “Stimulus Package.”  So here you go, bro.

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