Beware the Ascidians

Also known as Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts. More unusual pictures of nature here.

Tasselled Wobbegong

The tasselled wobbegong is a species of carpet shark in the family Orectolobidae and the only member of its genus It inhabits shallow coral reefs off northern Australia, New Guinea and adjacent islands Reaching 1.8 m in length, this species has a broad and flattened body and head.

I want to know what it tastes like. Somewhere somebody knows.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 745 – A Sea Slug, A Horseshoe Crab & A Cute Little Puffer

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Night Fishing in Hawaii 1948

The colorization of this photo shows you exactly what it was like to go night fishing in Hawaii years before it became an official state of the Union. At the time, Hawaiians used spears to catch fish in the shallow part of the ocean or along the more rocky terrain. The kukui-nut torch that this man is using isn’t just to light up his evening, it draws in fish to the his position.

In order to get a bright enough torch fishermen would wrap the kukui nut in leaves and attach them to a pole and light them on fire. To make them brighter they wrapped more leaves around the nut and then they would add roasted kukui nuts to a hollow sheath of bamboo and light those on fire as well. Even in the middle of the 20th century this was a way to remain close to nature while taking from the sea.

[Image and caption found in this great collection. h/t Eaglesoars.]

River Dolphin Noms

Here is an incredible photo of two Bolivian river dolphin (Inia boliviensis) wrestling with a young green anaconda from Beni, Bolivia. Photo by Alejandro De Los Rios.

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