Open Mike Night at Rockhoppers NOW


Live webcast entertainment as I post. HERE!.

[Ditto Saturday nights. Free admission.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 26 – Lick It!


“Lick it! Lick it good!”

[Jerry Casale’s first draft of Devo’s hit song praising racing dogs, 1980. Gif Source here.]

Luxury Villa for Sale/Lease


Luxury Vacation Hideaway for Sale or Lease

Country Living at its Best. Just 17 minutes from Muley’s Bait and Tackle and Bieber’s Grocery, close access to Boones Road (newly paved). Not too far from R.D.2. Easy access to nearby Fooser’s Corner via footpath. Although situated in a dry county, weekly delivery service for wine and beer is available, case orders only. Spirits are available at Hamm’s 20 Mile Stand in Purdy, 46 mi. west on Route 4, Convenient parking is less than a quarter mile away uphill to the east. FWD is recommended.

All units have clear views of the flood control channel adjacent to the B&O Freight line. Community patio includes the central water feature that reflects the stars as you and your loved ones relax to the sounds of nature and share stories of your recent adventures. Site is fully landscaped with mature native botanical gardens, and is irrigated by mother nature herself.

What more can a naturalist like yourself hope for? How about the wild potatoes and onions down on the flood plain? (Not accessible March through May, and October through March.)

Each unit is equipped with running water, a full kitchenette, new built-in vinyl furniture, new linoleum and carpetile floors, and Marlite® simulated knotty pine paneling throughout. Centralized laundry/toilet facilities. Electricity is provided 5AM-8PM daily (except for Sundays, via four 5000W Briggs & Stratton generators located uphill).

The community sound system provides ambient music 24/7 via battery backup. Enjoy “Hank William’s Greatest Hits” and the “Bill Monroe Story” each and every time you step out onto your private veranda. (A different mix is programmed every day.)

You know you want it. You know you deserve it. Will trade for late model Winnebago with DVD player and 1/2 tank of gasoline minimum.

[Photo & description via Strutts Divestment Properties LLC.
Tip ‘o the Tarboosh to Robt P.]

UPDATE: Snopes has the true story of this image here. ‘Snot what you think.

Go to the Head of the Class


“Look! Out in the water! It’s a duck! It’s a boat! It’s a sauna! It’s a floating summer cottage!” No you fools. It’s MallardMan.


Fin-duck is powered by an outboard motor. The driver’s place is in the head of the “duck”, where a chair can be put into position when someone sits there. On the back of the “duck” one can take sun. Eight persons can sit in front of a fireplace. In the sauna fits four persons.

Length 5,5 m
With 2,8 m
Height 3,2 m
Height in saloon 195 cm
Draught 25 cm
Weight 900 kg
Speed about 5 knots

Outboard motor 15 hv
Sauna and shower
Toilet and hand basin
Kitchen with a sink and a refrigerator

I can hear it now:
“Honey, when are we gonna get underway?”
“Any minute dear. But first I have to go to the head.”

Then there’s this lovely lair of leisure:


“Wellness Skull” by Atelier Van Lieshout. Like Wellness centers it has a few places to relax. In the neck of the skull is a small bath. The head of the Skull contains a sauna.

If you say so. Like I really need to go to the head to relax. Then I find that it’s full of warm water, just like I thought. I can hear it now:
“Honey, you need to relax.”
“I’ll relax after I go to the head! Is that okay with you, DEAR?!”

Meanwhile, I Love Lucy:


Lucy the Elephant is an American Treasure. I can hear it now:
“Honey, there’s no sauna in there! Why are you running?”
“Get outta my way, dear! I’ve gotta go to the head!”

[Images with indented commentary from here, here and here.]

Another Great Gift Idea: Rubik’s Primers


Bet your friend that after he scrambles the puzzle, that you can get the green side on the bottom and the red side on the top in less than 10 seconds. Hints on how to do this and other feats of amazement are included in the booklet (included for $1.00 extra).

[Image from NoPuedoCreer.]

Vincent Lamouroux’s Contribution to the World: The Pentacycle




According to the source:

“The »Pentacycle« (2002) is a vehicle constructed specifically for the abandoned railway Aérotrain near Orléans built in the seventies. By Vincent Lamouroux.”

Needs bigger gearing, glasspacks, cheater slicks with baby moons, a place to stash some beer, oh yeah and a seat with a second seat for a big bad mama with tattoos. I’d ride it, knowing that nothing is gonna be coming the other way for miles except the only other Pentacycle in the universe… And if my Pentacycle was equipped the way it oughta be, I’d laugh and make him swerve.

Too bad Lamouroux’ website is so artsy-fartsy, but it’s still kinda interesting.

[Image and caption from VVORK.]

Saturday Matinee: Animals + Tobacco Road = ?

This video, related to yesterday’s monkey taunting .gif post, is better with the sound off.

On the other hand, this video, that’s been around for a while is still amazing, and better with the sound up.

More Animals. Here’s Eric Burdon (from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England) with “Tobacco Road” from1966(?).

Okay, I meant here’s the Nashville Teens (from Weybridge, Surrey, England) with “Tobacco Road” from 1964. Drummer Barry Jenkins joined the Animals in 1966.

Okay, I really meant, here’s the Edgar Winter Band (from Beaumont, Texas, England) with “Tobacco Road” from 1974(?).

Okay, what I really, really meant is: here’s Lou Rawls (from Chicago, England) with “Tobacco Road,” first recorded in 1963.

Enough animalia with nicotiana rural routes for now. Come back tomorrow for more fun.

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