The Duckling Cometh.

[h/t Serafina D. for inspiration. Related post here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 747 – Goosewalker, Lil’ ‘Dillo & Boneyard Bird

[Found here, here and here. Goosewalker h/t Gord S.]

UPDATE: Duck skeleton was likely from a 1933 animation The Mascot / The Devils Ball. Again, h/t Gord S.

The $2 Million Dollar DUCK

“The sale, titled ‘L’Universe des Arts Decoratifs,’ included an array of Art Deco treasures and furnishings. […] François-Xavier Lalanne’s giant duck stood out, especially since it more than doubled its initial estimation of $1.1 million. The sculpture itself is almost five feet tall, and, more notably, stretches to almost seven feet in terms of its length.”
The sale/auction was held in Paris, April 2021 .

[Image and caption found here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No.412 – DUCK, Hosedown & China Dog



China Dog Bike
[First two found here and here. The third I stitched together from a series found at a site somewhere – I lost the link.]

WTF is a Fire Duck?

Yep. That’s a WTF Duck Sled for sure, and it’s a bonafide Babe Magnet. I want a fleet of ’em. [More photos here.]

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