Happy Labor Day

There was a time when Americans had no choice but to hammer their fruits and vegetables to obtain steeled sinews and refreshed labour.

Omoplatoscopical Hot Links

Weeki Wachee Mermaids present an all new show featuring “Alice’s” new adventures in the watery depths of the “Spring of Live Mermaids” located on Florida’s West Coast at the Junction of U.S. 19 and Florida 50.

They Wonder Who I Am, Lightnin’ Hopkins (1955) Samuel JohnLightninHopkins (1912-1982) was 8 when he was introduced to the blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson and was inspired to make a cigar box guitar. Jefferson later tutored him and reportedly never let another guitarist accompany him.

Instant Karma.


Invisible Magic.

360 degrees of a street.

How to hide from a bear.

Shooting pool on a rolling sea.
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His lawnmower wasn’t manly enough.

The story behind Todd Rundgren’s Hello It’s Me.
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The Arctic is having the coldest summer on record.

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Just Push The Red Button

New Portable Audio-Visual Selling tool.
Automatic Sound Slidefilm Viewer in an Attache Case. Self-Winding, Self-Contained, Ready to Use. Just:
1) Open the screen
2) Plug it in
3) Push the red button, and The Show is On!

The 1961 Beseler Salesmate Projector included a built in cassette player for sales presentations. The Charles Beseler Co. was founded in 1869 in Germany as a manufacturer of a variety of products including inhalers, magic lanterns with oil lamps and stereopticons.

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“Jackson County is noted for its fine apples and pretty girls.”

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Intriguing Tree Switch

These young visitors to Homosassa Springs, Florida seem to be intrigued by the natural beauty of the Red Cedar Tree, which is only one of many kinds of trees growing in this, ‘Nature’s Own Attraction’, located on U.S. 19 and 98, just 76 miles north of Tampa and St. Petersburg.

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The Finest Motel In Hornell – Each Room Is Carpeted.

It has all the amenities, plus a TV in the bathroom.
Don’t mess with the guy in the top right unit.

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Driftwood Charlie’s Contribution To The World

In 1947 the doctors said that Charles Kasling had only a short time to live unless he moved to a hot, dry climate. First he moved to the Death Valley area, and in 1960 he left for Yuma, Arizona, where Driftwood Charley’s World of Lost Art was created.”

Social Security records indicate Charles Kasling was born July 10, 1901 and passed away in March of 1985, a testament to desert living.

Unfortunately most of his artwork has been destroyed by vandalism and the elements.

[Postcard image found here. More about Driftwood Charlie here and here.]

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