The .Gif Friday Post Bonus

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The .Gif Friday Post No.157 – Cheerleader Pwnd, Dog Pwnd, Pwnr Pwnd

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The Alpacas Are Sprouting

With all the recent rains here, our spring alpacas are already poking their heads up through the southwestern tundra. Very endurable and self-fertilizing, alpacas are the new cash crop. It’s too late to plant this season, but plow them in around late March to early May and you’ll be glad you did.

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Hey, Mr. Spaceman

“Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer, reporting for duty, SIR!”
With a space helmet like that, those would be the first words out of my mouth, right before I was sent to the Outer Realms on a mission to explore and conquer The Planet of the Mind Gobblers.

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Too bad I didn’t post this earlier, coulda saved everyone a bunch of trouble. Besides applesauce, this practical contrivance also works for mashed potatoes and tomato puree. Pure efficient genius.
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