Happy New Year’s Eve To All Our Friends

Lotta comments this pist year, and we thought that y’all should be recobanized for what you are: Goaders.

Y’all are goaders, but I mean that in a friendly way. Every last one of you who leaves a comment gives us a reason to respond to your comment, and to post more. We feed off of YOU!.

We can’t pay you back directly, but we can certainly list all those who made the day in one way or the other, so thanx and a tip o’ the tarboosh to:

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Another decade behind us, and now we get a new one to mess with starting tomorrow. Best wishes to all –Bunk

Dinosaurs slept with their eyes open.

Norwich, England (Strutts News Services) – A long-debated archaeological mystery has apparently been resolved by researchers of  the University of East Anglia.

The excavations of the River Yare floodplain in the early 1970s unearthed numerous fossils which gave creedence to the theory of  reptilian insomnia. All fossils were meticulously labeled and their in-situ positions noted, allowing for a glimpse into the sleeping habits of the great reptiles. Continue reading “Dinosaurs slept with their eyes open.”

Babe Magnet Guest House

Although it’s missing a community pool and spa with a game room, this looks pretty nice for my future retirement home. Except for inclement weather, you’ll likely find me sunning on the back porch, with a laptop and a cooler, waving to passersby, before the local constabulary asks me to move.

[Found in here.]

Self-Propelled Holiday Ornament

If you find one of these in your bathroom this holiday season, you’ll know that Bunk paid y’all a visit.

[Found here, crossposted here and here.]

Saturday Matinee – Reptilicus, Rob, Roches & James Gurley

The Day after Christmas.  Quick! What’s the first word that comes to mind? “Reptilicus! An annihilating mastodon immune to all known weapons of warfare!”

Where’s Rob? Simple premise, funny result, and the ending makes it all worthwhile. [Found here.]

Cbullitt sent an email link to The Roches’ version of “The Hallelujah Chorus.”  It reminded me of the first Roches’ song I ever heard, “Mr. Sellack.”

Here’s some serious retroness from 1967. From the Utoobage:

Janis Joplin with Big Brother & The Holding company perform live on San Francisco TV program called “POW” that had Rolfe Petersen as the host on KPIX.

Big Brother & The Holding Company’s guitarist James Gurley recently passed away at the age of 69.

Great Christmas Vinyl

Have a Cartoon Lee Majors Christmas… oop, no, wait:

Have a Tiny Tim Christmas, or not.  But hey! Lookee here:

We wish you all a Bootsy Christmas! And may Santa bring you all the funk you deserve.

[Found here, here and here.]

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