Great Christmas Vinyl


Have a Cartoon Lee Majors Christmas… oop, no, wait:

Have a Tiny Tim Christmas, or not.  But hey! Lookee here:

We wish you all a Bootsy Christmas! And may Santa bring you all the funk you deserve.

[Found here, here and here.]

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3 Responses to “Great Christmas Vinyl”

  1. cbullitt Says:

    Those are amazing, Bunk. Merry Christmas.

  2. strider Says:

    I did the Six Million Dollar Man album back in August 2008 with a video. That video has since been updated with a DailyMotion vid, since You Tube is getting too fussy with embedding. I seemed to have missed out on Tiny Tim, though… 😦

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    strider– And here I thought I’d scooped you on that one. =)

    I originally suspected that the Tiny Tim album cover might’ve been faked, but apparently it’s real, and available here, with samples.

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