The battleship USS IOWA (BB-61) circa Christmas 1983.

“It usually took us (Electricians Mates with assistance from the ICmen, Gunners Mates, Bos’n Mates, Quartermasters) three days to rig & test this light display… 10,856 light bulbs total.

This is the award winning display that won us the “Best Large Surface Combatant” award for four out of our six year commissioning during the eighties. (MED Cruise in 87, lost to USS America in 84)

I served aboard from Dec.1983 to June 1989, was involved with each and every one of those displays.”

Martin A. (Marty) Palmiere EMC(SW) USN(ret.)
USS Iowa BB-61 ’83-’89

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Christmas Is Clumping

Someone was proud of that lawn decoration, and so was his missus. God bless them, and God bless the Polaroid camera for preserving it for all to enjoy decades later.

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The .Gif Post No. 563 – Merry Leaping Piglets, Santa Claus Wearing A Pigeon Mask While Sitting On An Ostrich Christmas Tree Decoration & Michael Jordan As Compared To A Giant Cow

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 417 – Christmas Ditto, Two Bitches Laughing & A Swinging Carapace

Christmas Dittos


Grasshopper Nymph Shell

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Holiday Inflation

As soon as I saw it I wondered what kind of house might these folks live in. So I turned loose our crack team of webminers, and they found this:

Now it makes perfect sense.

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Fireproof Your Christmas Tree

Get the flock out! Forget the danger of little Timmy eating lead “icicles,” this stuff allowed many immigrants to light their Christmas trees in the traditional way — with tallow candles — and without burning their houses down.

I assume that this flocking product was intended to be mixed with water and poured or painted over the boughs of den Weihnachtsbaum. Perfectly safe, as long as the faux snow wasn’t friable, and you kept little Timmy from gnawing the needles.

Ahhh. Those were the days, before they invented lead poisoning, asbestosis, DDT toxicity, alar scares, political correctness and AGW pseudo science.

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