The .Gif Friday Post No. 781 – Christmas Moo, Trippy Tree, Santapaster, St. Nick Lights One Up & Ditto House

[Found here, herehere and here. The Santapaster was found somewhere else.]

PEZ’s Contribution To The World

These are reproductions of one of the rarest PEZ candy dispensers. I should know… I had one of the 1968 “Luv” originals, and it’s somewhere in the basement of a house in Ohio. It looks like this:

I don’t remember ever refilling it with the little brick-shaped candies, but I disassembled and reassembled it at least once when I was bored.

[Images found here and here.]

R2D2 Pukes


StarWars emesis. And all this time I thought R2D2 only craps pepper in my salad.

[Image from here. Oh yeah, speaking of emesis, Diesel’s still hawking his book at MattressPolice if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift. He promises to deliver it in person if you order by midnight tonight. Otherwise, you can read it free on his website. Go figger.]

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