Tiny House With Wheels

I could live here.

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Comfy DIY Mobile Home

Mobile Home 1

Very cool. The link shows solar panels on the roof for electrical, and there appears to be a wood-burning stove sitting on a piece of slate for heat, but the proximity of the unprotected wood surrounding it looks a bit iffy. Cooking range/oven must have a propane tank hidden somewhere, and it looks like they’ve got a decent sound system for roadtrips – two tweeters, two midrange and one bass. Two important things are missing from the photos, but it looks like they’re combined and adjacent to the rear entry. Somewhere there’s a potable water tank.

Due to the weight of the wood framing and all the accoutrements, this vehicle is too heavy and slow to get much gas mileage, but so what. It’s got good food, good tunes,  good looks, and it sure as hell beats this and this. Better than a dorm room.

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Babe Magnet Guest House

Although it’s missing a community pool and spa with a game room, this looks pretty nice for my future retirement home. Except for inclement weather, you’ll likely find me sunning on the back porch, with a laptop and a cooler, waving to passersby, before the local constabulary asks me to move.

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Trailer for Sale or Rent


Specious country living at its best.  Surrounded by woodlands and meadows, this economical residence provides all the rustic utilities you look for in a pristine rural setting.  Campfires every night!  Far from the bustling city, the lot provides ample opportunities for pursuing both game and fish, and has sanitary facilities adjacent to the creek a mere 150 yards away.  You’ll never have to mow the grass again.

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Luxury Villa for Sale/Lease


Luxury Vacation Hideaway for Sale or Lease

Country Living at its Best. Just 17 minutes from Muley’s Bait and Tackle and Bieber’s Grocery, close access to Boones Road (newly paved). Not too far from R.D.2. Easy access to nearby Fooser’s Corner via footpath. Although situated in a dry county, weekly delivery service for wine and beer is available, case orders only. Spirits are available at Hamm’s 20 Mile Stand in Purdy, 46 mi. west on Route 4, Convenient parking is less than a quarter mile away uphill to the east. FWD is recommended.

All units have clear views of the flood control channel adjacent to the B&O Freight line. Community patio includes the central water feature that reflects the stars as you and your loved ones relax to the sounds of nature and share stories of your recent adventures. Site is fully landscaped with mature native botanical gardens, and is irrigated by mother nature herself.

What more can a naturalist like yourself hope for? How about the wild potatoes and onions down on the flood plain? (Not accessible March through May, and October through March.)

Each unit is equipped with running water, a full kitchenette, new built-in vinyl furniture, new linoleum and carpetile floors, and Marlite® simulated knotty pine paneling throughout. Centralized laundry/toilet facilities. Electricity is provided 5AM-8PM daily (except for Sundays, via four 5000W Briggs & Stratton generators located uphill).

The community sound system provides ambient music 24/7 via battery backup. Enjoy “Hank William’s Greatest Hits” and the “Bill Monroe Story” each and every time you step out onto your private veranda. (A different mix is programmed every day.)

You know you want it. You know you deserve it. Will trade for late model Winnebago with DVD player and 1/2 tank of gasoline minimum.

[Photo & description via Strutts Divestment Properties LLC.
Tip ‘o the Tarboosh to Robt P.]

UPDATE: Snopes has the true story of this image here. ‘Snot what you think.

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