Saturday Matinee – Christopher Ameruoso, Moccasin Creek & Preacher Jack

Not sure where the bass and drums are hiding in that vid, but the hard rock banjo is pretty awesome.

Moccasin Creek. I remember hanging with a crew like that, and they were fun as hell. We had dogs, but didn’t have a raccoon.

Gotta roll with this one. Drummer doesn’t quite have the soul to back up Preacher Jack, but it’s all good.

Have a great weekend folks, and be thankful that there are always more leftovers.

The .GIF Friday Post No.410 – Anti-Traffic Pup, Stump-Pull Fail & Shootin’ The Urban Curl


Pulling A Stump


[Found here, here and here.]

Saturday Matinee – Real Cold Stuff, Junior Brown, R.L Burnside, Zappa


Junior Brown [Found here]

R.L. Burnside – Long Haired Doney [Found here]

Redneck Wipeout [Found here]

Zappa’s version of “Whippin’ Post” is a great take on the Allman Bros. classic.

Dang. Too much getting in the way these days, and this post is late going up. Have a great weekend, folks.

Saturday Matinee – World’s Strongest Redneck, Derek, Bob, Gatemouth & Johnny, and Buddy Guy

Redneck washing machine. When Steve McGranahan‘s not bending cast iron skillits for charity, this funny guy makes videos.

“Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?” was one of Derek & The Dominos’ greatest hits.

One of my favorite Wailers songs.

Here’s a 44 year old Clarence Gatemouth Brown with a 32 yearold Johnny Jones playing  “Chicken Fat” in 1968. [via]

Happy 74th Birthday to Buddy Guy, one of the last original bluesplayers.  Here’s a guy who left the south for Chicago and played for sandwiches to keep from starving.

Have a great weekend, folks. See y’all back here tomorrow.

“I’ve Been Workin’ on the [Babe Magnet] All the Live Long Day…”


Identical twin brothers Haney and Russ “Harpo” d’Coqueville have come up with an innovative way to save gas by making sure that their ride don’t roll while they transform it into the Babe Magnet they always dreamed of. I can’t identify the model exactly, but it looks like a 1977 Ford POS to me.

Although they aren’t in their official Babe Hunting Garb, Russ and Haney believe they can pull it off (the Babe Magnet transformation, I mean). Russ’ carpentry toolbelt and framing hammer is a not-so-subtle give-away that the finished Babe Magnet will definitely be a work of sump’m, with or without windows.

Film at 11.

[Lost track of this image source, too, and prolly for good reason.]

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