Now about those bacteria/virus-laden spit valves…

What’s more inane than that? Masks for pictures of people on freeway billboards.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 576 – Stair Dare Fail, Toddler Toss & Boxing Fan

[Found here, here and here.] The 2nd one disturbs me a lot.

1930 College Yearbook Stereotypes

1930 Cactus

1930s college majors: MRS, Meteorology, English Literature, Chemistry, Law & Architecture. Draw your own conclusions.

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Welcome To Freshman Year.

Controlling Your Every Movement

“Hey. I have an idea. Let’s go to the bathroom together and I’ll take a photo of you sitting on the toilet. Look all sultry and slutty, and we’ll post it on the internest.”

“Um. Okay. But you’re not really gonna post it, right?”


Welcome to Freshman Year.

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Lo-Heat Slo-Baked Pizza


Reminds me of college. Three of us shared an apartment, took turns cooking and doing dishes. One guy always balked, never wanted to do the chores.  We were pushing a rope.

Then came Spring Break. Scotty & I were done with midterms a couple days early so we left the kitchen duties for The Don, as it was his overdue turn to clean up.

After Spring Break, I was the first one back to the apartment, opened the door and noticed a significant change in our beer-soaked hovel. When I found the source of the aroma, the goop was so far gone it called me by name, flipped me off and dared me to move it. The Don had taken the stack of unwashed dishes, kitchenware, pots & pans, stuffed them into the oven, and left them to cook on their own for a few weeks.

Had the three of us not been bunking in the same room, I would have packed it all underneath The Don‘s mattress. Instead, I filled the bathroom tub with hot water and dish soap, unloaded the oven while holding my breath, and drowned the beast. Then I moved into my college girlfriend’s hovel to wait it out.

[Pro-tip: Never move into your college girlfriend’s hovel no matter how hot you think she is. Better to deal with the maggots in the wok.]

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Comparitive Studies of 18th Century Romanticism

Sleepybear_Daily Mixed 090520

Oh yeah, like I remember that mandatory 7AM class.  Wait!  It’s HAPPY BEAR ERASER! COOL!

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Back To College Tips

Remember to keep hydrated. With a heavy glass schedule, multi-tasking saves time.

If choking on food, this is NOT the way to perform the “Heimlich Maneuver.” It might get you free beers, though.

Share a house/apartment/dorm room with people you can’t stand to save on beer money.

Stay tuned — More tips coming up.  Or not.

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