Abhorrence and Misplaced Animosity

Don’t worry. Tacky Raccoons is not going to morph into a political blog, yet we’re not going to completely ignore current events either. If common sense offends you, you won’t like what we’ve posted below the break, and you can click on the image and listen to Peter Tosh instead. Continue reading “Abhorrence and Misplaced Animosity”

Hot Links From Around The Globe

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Great watercolor paintings of scenes from war-torn Afghanistan by British illustrator Matthew Cook. [Kudos to TR reader Nikolay Kotev for posting it.]

If you haven’t seen the vid posted here, it’s worth the 15 minutes. An OWS boy learns about collectivism from someone who lived in Soviet Russia… and he LISTENS.

Orlando Florida, home of Disney World, Epcot Center, and these pretty people.

Give your kids nightmares the easy way. Buy these. Sin duda todos estaremos de acuerdo en que el mejor sitio es delante de la taza del váter.

The latin name for it is Blobimus Maximus.

Any of you on Twitter? I am, but only for the purposes of collecting followers with the promise of tweeting absolutely no content. 20 or so get the joke. I haven’t “followed” anyone, yet I’ve been pre-blocked and reported as a spammer by some.
Think about that.

This a must read for everyone. We’re talking Freedom of Speech.
[Parental Advisory – disturbing content.]

20 May: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day & The 1st Amendment

That is an image cut and pasted from an Iranian website and it’s a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

Not too long ago, a cartoonist posted a sarcastic cartoon, and she became the target of death threats. Real threats, not imagined. She got seriously spooked and backed off, but others took up her cause. Why should anyone in the blogosphere need to cower to those who want to squelch the Freedom of Speech?

So in support of The First Amendment, here’s my contribution to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

UPDATE 3 October 2021: Swedish artist who survived two murder attempts after drawing a cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed has died in a horror car crash. Lars Vilks, 75, was killed Sunday when the police car he was traveling in veered onto the wrong side of the road and collided with a truck. [LINK]

This Is Only A Test.

Fellow Netizens, my friend Cbullitt of Soylent Green alerted me to an internet-wide blog protest in response to the Censorship of the cable cartoon show “South Park.” The image above, with permission from the designer Chris Muir, is scheduled to show up throughout the blogosphere at midnight tonight. Cbullitt wrote:

“I’m not an artist or Cartoonist, but Chris Muir is and Trey Parker and Matt Stone are. And Theo Van Gough was. Muir, whose work you see above, obviously does not ascribe to the dictum displayed in the cowardice of Comedy Central, the EU, and the U.S. Government under the last four administrations, namely: Feeding the crocodile in hopes that it will eat you last.”

To be truthful, I’ve never seen an episode of “South Park” although I understand its popularity due to its irreverent humor. The recent imposition of domestic sharia law on the writers of “South Park” for a joke involving the Prophet Muhammed is inexcusable in the Land of the Free and the Home of the First Amendment.

Let’s celebrate our First Amendment Rights before we lose them. Continue reading “This Is Only A Test.”

The First Amendment Was Added to the U.S. Constitution for a Reason.

Get Up Stand Up 2

And because of the First Amendment, there was a Second Amendment.  The purpose of the Second Amendment was to enforce the First.

When Union thugs are hired and encouraged to squelch the speech of those individual citizens who oppose the rapid enactment of socialist policies in this Country, and the mainstream media is complicit with and encourages  attacks on the basic right of Freedom of Speech, I get pissed.  I can’t wait for November 2010.  (Click the image for a bonus.)

[Tip o’ the Tarboosh to cbullitt for the Angry Mob blank.]