20 May: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day & The 1st Amendment

That is an image cut and pasted from an Iranian website and it’s a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

Not too long ago, a cartoonist posted a sarcastic cartoon, and she became the target of death threats. Real threats, not imagined. She got seriously spooked and backed off, but others took up her cause. Why should anyone in the blogosphere need to cower to those who want to squelch the Freedom of Speech?

So in support of The First Amendment, here’s my contribution to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

UPDATE 3 October 2021: Swedish artist who survived two murder attempts after drawing a cartoon of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed has died in a horror car crash. Lars Vilks, 75, was killed Sunday when the police car he was traveling in veered onto the wrong side of the road and collided with a truck. [LINK]

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