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Clever and icky at the same time. Now what should I write…
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The .Gif Friday Post No. 671 – Kéké’s Animations

All .gif animations above are by Kéké. Tutorials and more here.

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The .GIF Friday Post No. 466 – Lil’ Walking Dead Zombie Dude, Apple IIe’s & Batlicks




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The .Gif Friday Post No.162 – Football WinFail, 3DTV, Catwalk Hand

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Cephalopod Gas Passing

There’s a happy patient. One squeeze and she’s happy; two squeezes  and she’s dancing on the table; three squeezes and she’s prepared to serve in congress.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 112 – Oddness

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Mr. Hand, Mrs. Arse, Mrs. Knee, Mr. Foot


U.S. Senators crack me up.  Thank god they’re in office so that we don’t have to think for ourselves.  Betcha can’t name the four in the photo.  Betcha can’t.

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