Hand Lettered Font

Clever and icky at the same time. Now what should I write…
[Found here via here.]

One Little Space Makes A Difference.

[Found here. Some NSFK, and I suspect a bit o’ fotoshoppery for some, including the top one.]

Funky Bunky TTF


Bunk is amazed at this freebee font creator.  The message above was typed into microsuck Word using “Funky Bunky” (Bold).

If anyone wants to add “Funky Bunky” to their TrueType font collection, leave a comment and I’ll forward the file; very easy to install.  (Note that unless “Funky Bunky” is installed on other folks’ computers, they won’t see it in the same amazing style;  it’ll show up as a default font, like <yawn> Arial, instead.)

[Font creator found via RGS.]