Wally & June


There is something inherently wrong with this picture besides the pre-Herman Munster helmet hairdo. Jerry Mathers and Hugh Beaumont are both missing, for one.

For two, the age difference between Barbara Billingsley and Tony Dow can’t be ignored, even though Ms. B is/was a young middleaged earringed pearl-necklaced high-protruding-cheekboned lookin’ babe. Or not. But there is no question that she had at least ten years of vixen experience on Dow, and had the largest pair of cheekbones on the set.

The “eew” factor kicks in right about now. Okay, stop it. Sorry I brought it up. For you trivia hounds, her TV name was June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver. His name was Wallace.

[Image scanned from the OCR, 29 April 2008, then dolled up a tad.]

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