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Stuff I Do When I’m Bored

All previously posted elsewhere. Bottom image: Inverted color version of storm clouds photographed by Sol R. Land who is living somewhere in the bush with his dog.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 754 – Eyebollard, Nightcat Zoetrope, Driving Mr. Boney & A Rorshach Crow

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Stuff I Do When I’m Bored

Stuff I Do When I’m Bored 19

Dolichopodous Hot Links

Don’t Look Back, Them (1965) Them, a garage-rock/blues band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in April 1964 and had major hits the following year. George Ivan “Van” Morrison went solo in 1966; the band scored more hits and continued to record and perform into the 1970s.

Ka  ala.

Floor wax.

Guts & Butts.

Here come the Joros.

A McDonald’s secret.

Gonna be a long game.

Over the face and down the throat.

The Two Minutes Hate in the Dawning Age.

Everyone is affected by the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

[Top image: Ceramic sculpture by Steve McGovney (2014) found here.]

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