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Don’t Look Back, Them (1965) Them, a garage-rock/blues band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in April 1964 and had major hits the following year. George Ivan “Van” Morrison went solo in 1966; the band scored more hits and continued to record and perform into the 1970s.

Ka  ala.

Floor wax.

Guts & Butts.

Here come the Joros.

A McDonald’s secret.

Gonna be a long game.

Over the face and down the throat.

The Two Minutes Hate in the Dawning Age.

Everyone is affected by the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

[Top image: Ceramic sculpture by Steve McGovney (2014) found here.]

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 716 – Snow Komonder, Struttin’ Crow & A Capybara Splat

[Found here, here and here.]

Smoke-Bathing Chimney Rook

“The Rook is sat on a smoking chimney pot, its wings outstretched, seemingly unbothered by the heat and possible effects of smoke inhalation. Such behaviour seems completely bizarre, yet there is a reason for it: the bird is using the smoke to clear parasites, such as mites and ticks, from its plumage.”

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Tokyo’s Clothes Hangers Crows Nests

clothes hanger crows nest 1
clothes hanger crows nest 2
clothes hanger crows nest 3

Conceptual Art installations? Nope.

“When I lived in Tokyo, I used to watch the crows take hangers from my neighbors’ balconies. (Hangers were used to hang out washing to dry.) The crows would work in pairs to remove the clothing from the hangers and then one would fly off with the hanger. I’d never seen the nests though.”

[Images & reader comment found here, via here.]

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