The .Gif Friday Post No. 724 – Wee Waterspouts, Giant Isopod & A Tardigrade Night Light

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The .Gif Friday Post No.321 – Cat Balloon, Paper RPG & Shark Attack Fail

Cat Balloon
Big Gulp

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A Hurling Player Lives Here.

Don’t know the ancient Irish game? It’s a brutal combination of football, soccer, rugby, field hockey, baseball, jai alai and golf, traditionally played without pads or helmets and the best players have facial scars and are usually missing teeth. Since 1 January 2010 helmets are required at all levels. Spoilsports.

The goal is to get the silotar (a hardball about the size of a cue ball) over or under the goalposts with a hurley (an oversized wooden spoon) by throwing it, tossing it up and batting it, carrying it on the hurley while running, or driving it down the pitch with an underhand smack.

A team gets one point for getting it over and through the uprights, and three points if it gets it past the goal keeper into the net underneath the goal posts.

If you ever get a chance to see a hurling match, you’re in for some fun, and you HAVE to watch the game or you risk serious injury from speeding silotars and sharp flying broken hurleys. Tip your ale only between plays.

[Top image found here. More info on Hurley here.]

Don’t Look At Me…

…I don’t know what the hell it is either, but the Goggle Site Transpertion reveals this self-explanatory caption:

“Familiar brought from Guinea, photo, do not think that installation. She said scientists felt flew and flew away.  They said: ‘We know this, have seen.’  Twice, dead, washed ashore from the Atlantic. In the photo, much of it decomposed…  As they say has all the ‘whiskers, paws, tail… Scales not. And on the back of a comb and hair… View from the front. Lying on his back. With open mouth. visible front and rear ‘legs.'”

[Found here. Translation verbatim.]

A Bird in the Mouf

After posting one image of a woman with a bird in her mouth here, why stop now?

Bird  in Mouth2

This is sexy.

Bird  in Mouth4

This is NOT sexy.

Bird  in Mouth3

This is, um, unnecessary.

Frog in Mouth Boy

But THIS is a timeless classic.

[Image sources credited via links above, except for the last one, as it’s been circulated for years.  Where is he now?]

Something’s just not right.

Disturbing_English Russia

Suck It_Time Travels 090524

Child Pageant FAIL

[Found here, here (via here), and from page 4 of the June 2009 issue of Smithsonian.  Might have to create a new category for stuff like this.]

TGIF: The .GIF Friday Post 39 – Dead Cow Walking

18 JULY BONUS: The Girl Who Never Closes Her Mouth

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