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The Madison Time Parts 1 & 2, Ray Bryant Combo (1960) The Madison Time was a party record (for its namesake line dance) featuring calls by Eddie Morrison.

DIY Madison instructions (free .pdf download).

Cambodia holds the Guinness World Record for largest Madison dance (2015).




The Age of Scurvy.

QAnon and apophenia.

The Feldenkrais Method?

If I Were the Devil – Paul Harvey.

The Hoo-Hoo Degree Team ca. 1930.

Hard to believe, but this is NOT a zebra.

Huge amorphous blob eats oatmeal and learns.

China still operates coal-fired steam engines [via].

You must unify with us because we will not unify with you. Check out the comments for more fun.

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[Top image found in here.]

Bonus via Mme. Jujujive: Chinese Road Service.


Like A Boss – LIVE!

Like A Boss


That’s not a photoshop. This German company sells wearable plush meme pillows, perfect for any occasion, like these:


[Found entirely by accident.]

The .Gif Friday Post No.229 – YoYo Squirrel, Weapons Testing & Mr. Stupid Pants

[Found here and here. The 2nd one (that I messed with) came from here.]

The .Gif Friday Post No.205 – Varney’s Troll Face, Happy Corgi, Penguin Rocks

[Found here and here, and the Ernest P. Worrell/Trollface morph is my own experiment.]

The .Gif Friday Post No.200 – Dog Troll Face, Cat Troll Face, Cat/Dog Synch

[Found here, here and here.]

The history of trollface

Last week I posted this picture:

Then I wondered about the origin of the ubiquitous Trollface.

Trollface first appeared in 2008 on the website DeviantArt. Although the internet icon is sometimes called “coolface,” its creator, “Whynne” said:

“It’s trollface, not coolface. Eat a dick.”

And the late great Jim Varney (aka Ernest P. Worrell) shows how it’s done:

So now you know. Fun facts to know and tell, courtesy of Tacky Raccoons.

[Update: Jump to 2:40.]

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