Happy New Year I think.




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The .Gif Friday Post No.272 – Diggin’ & Trollin’, Drama & Cattail

Dig It

aunty.gif_My Christmas Cutebun 2011


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Update: Noseman was posted on the Utoobage here.

The .Gif Friday Post No.260 – Electric ID, Cat Pwnd 2x, Mentos & Coke FAIL

Electric_IDToy Squirrel Cat pwnage


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Hot Links De La Muerte

Let’s see. Mothers believe in peace, and Monsanto hybrid corn equals death. Got it. Zombie stalks Berkely – again. [Some stuff on Zombie’s site is NSFK/NSFW.]

Plot it:

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Interactive map of US suggests basic stereotypes of individual States.

Science in action: LHC Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment Webcams. There are currently two webcams online.

The Jonco Stoop N Poop  is a must-have for people on the go.

Staple City.

Busting a Troll. It’s a must-read for parents, and it’ll creep you right out.

The .Gif Friday Post No.200 – Dog Troll Face, Cat Troll Face, Cat/Dog Synch

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Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

“Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?”

“Affirmative, Dave. I read you.”

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”

“Certainly, Dave.”


“I PWN3D you, Dave.”

“What does that mean, HAL?”


[Dialogue from 2011: A Spazz Odyssey. Image found here.]

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