The .Gif Friday Post No. 512 – “Does This Ever Happen To You?”

All are clips from late-night TV ads for helpful gizmos. The lady in the gray pullover goes through a dozen eggs every morning, but Tape Measure Guy is my favorite.

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Saturday Matinee – Retro Ads, Stray Cats & The Sadies

Classic car commercial clips [via].

How can we possibly top that?

Yep. There’s more Rockabilly in the first 02:30 than you can shake a dead rockin’ cat at. The Stray Cats were awesome. Where do we go from here? Oh wait. I got it.

The Sadies give tribute to Big Daddy Roth and the classic “Live Fast, Die Young, Leave A Good Looking Corpse” nihilistic absurdity.

Have a great weekend, folks. We’ll be back tomorrow.

TV Time

Tacky TV

Train to Utoob City, now boarding on Platform Click.

See for yourself why every year more people buy RCA Victor than any other TV.

Remember this, in B&W television, as in color, the symbols of leadership and dependablility are the names RCA and RCA Victor.

Mark 8 – 8 years home proved performance. The Fraser $495 optional with dealer. Manufacturer’s nationally advertised price. Slightly higher some areas west, south.

What’s My Line?

That’s My Color.

The most Trusted Name in Television.

THIS is what Television was invented for.

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