The .Gif Friday Post No. 715 – 20th Century Covidman, The Claw & the 1961 Quadrumobile

[Animations by Kevin Weir of flux machine found here, here and here.]

Dhakkan Cruiser

Dhakkan Cruiser

‘Dhakkan’ in Hindi means a lid, it’s also a slang word used to call someone an ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’.

Self constructed and designed by the orphans of Mumbai from the junk available in the slums and the industrial wastelands.

I designed this keeping in mind the scrap that could be available like, canvas cloth, wooden planks, jet engines, chariot vehicle parts, streetlights, etc. Special features: Thrust pod / eject pod. Designed for rapid pursuits and capturing drones & other gang-war vehicles.

Dimension: 16mts x 5mts approx.
Construction: Scrap material, basic steel framework.
Armament: Laser blasters

Artwork & description by Kushal Tikle [found here].

A Prediction from 1968

By the turn of the century, chances are you won’t recognize the familiar telephone. Based on services already in use or on the drawing boards, you can expect some pretty far-out developments.

For example, Picturephone see-while-you-talk service, already in limited use, might well be offered in full color and three dimensions. With it, you could do the family grocery shopping, look at the new cars, or buy a new hat without leaving the house.

Electronic switching equipment now in trial use, will call you back when a busy line you have called is free, or transfer your calls to another phone while you’re away from home.

[Image and caption found here. Bonus below.]

BTW, that’s Jane Jetson, not Judy…

1930 Zukunftsphantasien

1930 zukunftsfantasien13_121930 zukunftsfantasien12_41930 zukunftsfantasien13_9

Space Station – Check.
Smart Phones – Check.
Steam Powered Dirigible from Australia via Tehran – Pending.

(Note that die Frauen trinken und Rauchen stumpft in the park next to the airstrip while keeping tabs on die Kinder.)

[Found here via here.]

Saturday Matinee: Past Future & Present Past

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

No Way. Can’t happen. Get outta here. [Via Snopes.]

1960 precursor to Star Trek from East Germany, according to the U-to0bage description:

Here’s a look at “the world’s largest supercomputer” in the socialist utopian future predicted by a 1960 East German science fiction film

The movie is “Der Schweigende Stern,” released in the west as “First Spaceship on Venus.”

Like other Soviet-bloc films, it forecast a utopian future in which socialist scientific advancement led the world.

In this scene, the scientists are using the supercomputer to decipher an alien message recorded on a device ejected from an alien spacecraft before it crashed.

And speaking of Star Trek, one of the funniest Saturday Night Live clips, (with William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Chevy Chase as Spock, Bill Murray as Bones, on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise after the series was canceled) should have appeared below. But NBC apparently convinced uT00B and g00ggle to drop all the video links for copyright violations. It’s as if NBC wanted to erase all evidence of the years when Saturday Night Live was actually funny.

So here’s this gem [originally scheduled for a later post]: The Dap-Kings featuring Sharon Jones. Music & video uses 1960’s technology for recording and taping this modern band with the stylings of early R&B. “Almost Aretha” is a pretty good compliment.

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