Neotenical Hot Links

Brazil, Geoff & Maria Muldaur (1970) In 1939, Ary Barroso was stuck in his house during a rainstorm, so he wrote Aquarela do Brasil.  Three decades later, multi-talented musician Geoff Muldaur and his wife Maria (nee D’Amato) recorded it as Brazil. In 1985, Terry Gilliam adopted the song for his cinematic vision of a retro-future dystopia, and now it’s immediately recognizable as the Theme to Brazil.

Live Bat cams.

Alpine football [via].

Charming the worms.

Pre-WWII smoke screen.
[h/t Bunkerville]

Mr. Hitler, Leadbelly (1942).

Rocket cats from the 16th century.
[via Mme. Jujujive]

It’s legal in Brazil to kill motorcycle thieves.

I have turned into Moira Rose, Queen of the Crows.

[Top image:  László Löwenstein, aka Peter Lorre, in promo for movie Crime and Punishment, 1935.

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on “Neotenical Hot Links”

  1. So I added Brazil to my Watch Later. Mind you I got about 50 there. As for killing motorcycle theives, I can only say, that concept aside, I really enjoyed the video. Brazil is one of the places on my ‘bucket lit’. Well, the whole Spanish/Portuguese speaking south and Latin America, and….Switzerland.

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    1. The movie has nothing to do with the country, but it’s one of my favorites. Dark humor for sure – I didn’t get it the first time I saw it, but the second time it floored me.

      I used to be somewhat fluent in Spanish, not so much anymore although I can read it and usually get the gist. Portuguese is misspelled Spanish pronounced with a French accent. Never figured out why.

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