This made my day.

Do you see what I see?

That nano pot was posted here on 6 April 2010 and the Head of Microscopy at UCD found it useful. The other responses on the Quorum discussion are cool, too.

Mid-1500’s Half Bath Chair

Okay. Let’s try to suss this one out.

There’s a throne with a hole, and a basin to catch the football that for some odd reason is located in front of the seat. There’s a megaphone to amplify the action, presumably to alert a nearby attendant that a goal has been scored. The attendant opens a small valve and dumps it on the floor. But then, um, it won’t, er, like, you know, it doesen’t, well, work and, uh, hmm. I give up.

Image Description: Subject: Chair with opening in the seat and a tub underneath with a spigot attached; for the purpose of producing steam baths to alleviate the pain of bladder stones.

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How To Make Capybara Dumplings

Step 1:  Get a capybara.

Step 2: Enjoy.

[Found here. Related capycrap here.]

[Update: Got a huge number of hits on capys today, and here’s why.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 136 – Zero G, Clearing The Neighborhood & A Floating Oracle

[Found here, here and here.]

Don’t do this. Really. Don’t.

Occasionally while sniffing around the internest I’ll run across an image that jumps up and bites me right in the crackerbockles, and this is one of them. It’s a patent drawing for an invention technically referred to as a WTF, and is apparently designed with meth addicts in mind. That’s meth as in methane.

Of course there may be other explanations for this new addition to the wonderful world of plumbing abuse, but I’m not about to go all scatological here.

[Found somewhere in here, crossposted here.]

[Update 29 July 2010 – Here are the patent  papers. Tip o’ the Tarboosh to Lemur King.]

Have a seat. Play a tune. Then wash your hands.

crapper seats_RuFadas 090601

Girls – Please peel off the paper ass-gaskets and flush ’em.  They don’t do anything anyway.

Guys – Be sure to put the seat back up after you’re done peeing on it.

Everybody – Always flush with your feet.

Throne 1_Rufadas 090601

This one might be inconvenient if one was, um, in a hurry, but it certainly allows one to shower and survey the property at the same time.

Throne 2_Rufadas 090601

This works the same as the one above, if you’re on a budget.  Doesn’t have quite the same view though, so you’ll need a flashlight to read ObamaWorldNews.

Drop 'em_RuFadas 090601

Final Reminder:  Drop ’em where it counts.

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