Here’s to Your Nulls, and more…

Since this is SNTC Anniversary month, we offer this tribute.


Okay. Assume you’re a male bee and… oh nevermind. The allegory doesn’t work with conchs. Let’s move on.


This configuration is designed for a two-person study group. The checkerboard has been removed for clarity.


Note the absence of TP. Note the presence of the sponge on a stick. Note that the sponge on a stick is not for cleaning the chamber pot. Note that the chain flushes nothing, but rings a chime.

Note that this is how very important people did it, and be glad that you didn’t have to answer the bell.


Nice western adaptation for the Turkish Toilet. (Bomb sights have since been added to this model. Roll up your trousers and keep your boots on.)

Thanx a load to b.b., jynx, Geezer & Donk for bringing all this to my attention.

[Photos via Toilets from Around the World (some NSFW/kids)]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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