Have a seat. Play a tune. Then wash your hands.

crapper seats_RuFadas 090601

Girls – Please peel off the paper ass-gaskets and flush ’em.  They don’t do anything anyway.

Guys – Be sure to put the seat back up after you’re done peeing on it.

Everybody – Always flush with your feet.

Throne 1_Rufadas 090601

This one might be inconvenient if one was, um, in a hurry, but it certainly allows one to shower and survey the property at the same time.

Throne 2_Rufadas 090601

This works the same as the one above, if you’re on a budget.  Doesn’t have quite the same view though, so you’ll need a flashlight to read ObamaWorldNews.

Drop 'em_RuFadas 090601

Final Reminder:  Drop ’em where it counts.

[Images from here, here, and here.  Related post here.  What the heck, we’ll add another category so that you can find all the Potty Humor with one click.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

6 thoughts on “Have a seat. Play a tune. Then wash your hands.”

  1. Damn, that’s a thorough display of shit cans–I only “found” one of them. Guess I should have looked at the link before pilferage.
    The throne, though classic, is not for those who have been drinking. I see all manner of uncivilized death lurking in that chamber.


  2. cbull– We practice communal pilferage here, as long as credit is given. Otherwise you can email me a Guinness and we’ll call it even.

    Matt– Check out the last one in the “related post.” The risk is in catching some nasty shrapnel from the friendly fire.

    plane– How could I have missed that? How about “The Weight” (or “Tiny Bubbles?” if you’re standing).


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